A simple life is a life anchored in the Gospel.


In any area – mentally, physically, spiritually, relationally – the sweetest simplicity is found by starting in Jesus.

A simple life is so inwardly anchored in the Gospel that it overflows into outward simplicity. The Gospel says that Jesus is enough…that we do not need possessions, approval, or a busy schedule in order to be content and full.

Clutter  happens when we don’t trust that Jesus really is enough.

Let’s start with the heart, then work outwards. Let’s start with His kingdom and His righteousness first. Scripture promises that “all these things” will be added to us when we do.

“But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.” // Matthew 6:33

This is where I think the Internet gets it wrong. You can google a million articles on how to declutter or organize your home, but these things are merely behavior modification if an attitude of simplicity has not taken root in your heart.

I think our problems arise when we try and flip this verse…seeking allthethings and expecting to get God’s kingdom thrown in. I know I’ve made that mistake! So, let’s simply seek Him first, and move towards outward simplicity from there. Let’s get rid of the excess in order to focus on the essential.

Ok? Ok!

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click on the image to download it as a lockscreen

click on the image to download it as a lockscreen