#Write31Days: What is Simplicity Anchored in the Gospel? / by Rachel Nordgren


When I settled on "simplicity anchored in the Gospel" for my Write 31 Days topic, it came from a sincere desire to serve you, the lovely person on the other side of this screen.

What I've noticed is this: a rebellion is stirring against chaos and clutter. There seems to be a deep yearning for simplicity, for decluttered homes and lives and schedules. It's no wonder.Our lives have become deeply entrenched in cyclical consumerism and complexity, celebrating the idols of wealth and trendiness and popularity. 

The Gospel is the answer, friend.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is this: we are separated from God because of our sin. Our lives and our world are broken and chaotic because of that sin, that separation from the Holy God.


Because God is good and loves us, even though we've rebelled and messed up and walked away, He sent His own perfect, whole and Holy Son to die the death our sin warranted us. Jesus bridges the separation between us and God, and through Him we can have a whole and healthy relationship with God.

Yet we think worshipping a sin-sick culture will make us well, when the only cure for sin-sickness is Gospel-goodness.

The world says that we can save ourselves if we just do more/gain more/be more. The Gospel of Jesus Christ says that we cannot save ourselves.

The world says that we must earn our favor with men. The Gospel of Jesus Christ says that we already have God's favor.

The world says that we must look out for ourselves. The Gospel of Jesus Christ says that He will provide for all our needs.

The world says that you can never have enough stuff/money/clothes/followers/etc. The Gospel of Jesus Christ says that the poor will inherit the Kingdom of God.

Any decision we make is anchored in something. We choose to overload our schedules with commitments because we are anchored in the desire to please men. Our Target cart gets filled with things we don't need because we are anchored in a mentality that possessions will make us happy. Our closets are stuffed with clothes that we bought to impress others because we are anchored in a lust for approval.

We must anchor ourselves in the Gospel if we are to have true simplicity.

When we anchor our hearts and minds in the Gospel, everything else falls into proper alignment. Like Matthew 6:33 says, "Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you." We cannot seek "all the things" and expect to get the Kingdom of God thrown in.

Simplicity that is anchored in the Gospel starts with God and what He says (more on that on Monday!) and then allows that reality to change us and our lives from the heart outwards. We have to be anchored in the Gospel before we can significantly simplify any area of our lives.

How can YOU anchor yourself in the Gospel today?

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