#Write31Days: The One Touch Rule / by Rachel Nordgren


Write31Days: The One Touch Rule

Here's the thing about multi-tasking: it almost never simplifies our lives. In the act of trying to achieve more purpose by doing more things at one time, we actually achieve less. This is especially true when it comes to our decluttering efforts.

Simplifying and decluttering your life and living space happens when we harness the power of doing ONE thing at a time.

Here's what that looks like:

  • When you're putting things away in your house, pick up one item at a time and don't put it down until it's in its proper place. Only touch it once.
  • When you're answering an email, don't write half of it and then switch tabs in your browser to check Facebook. Hit send on the email and move on. Only touch it once.
  • When you bring mail in the house, immediately sort it and put it away. Only touch it once.
  • Instead of getting sidetracked by another household chore or popping open Instagram, finish emptying the dishwasher in one go. Only touch it once.

The One Touch Rule helps your decluttering efforts because it forces you to stay focused and conquer your clutter (or your productivity!) one item at a time.

Trash gets thrown away/recycled right away. Clothes quickly get folded and put away. The things you want to declutter immediately get put in a sack for the thrift store.

This rule can also be applied to writing a blog post, cleaning the bathroom, projects...just about anything. The idea is to accomplish tasks in one fell swoop, instead of leaving a slew of things "half-finished". Before you know it, decluttering has become a quick and easy process.

It's a pretty simple trick, but it helps me keep our living space under control, and keeps me from getting distracted when I'm trying to get things done.

Do you struggle with multi-tasking?

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