#Write31Days: Fear, the Enemy of Simplicity / by Rachel Nordgren


This post originally appeared last year on my blog when I attempted Write 31 Days.

Fear is the biggest enemy of simplicity.

Think about it.

When I fear that I will never be a good cook, I load my shelves with cookbooks. When I fear that people will not respect my "no", I fill my schedule with commitments. When I fear that I will not lose the weight, I hang onto jeans that are 3 sizes ago. When I fear that I will be abandoned, I hoard relationships. Even unhealthy ones. When I fear that God does not have good plans for me, I stress out about the future. When I fear that people will not be attracted my personality, I fill my closet with flashy, trendy clothes.

A fear-full life is a life void of simplicity.

When we let fear win, we're enslave ourselves to it. Clutter (physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, etc.) is heavy, yes? A simple life is a lightened life, while a cluttered life drags chains of bondage around everywhere it goes.

At the root, all my personal fears have to do with a need for approval and love. I want to be a good cook so that my friends and family will like me. I want to loose weight so I will feel more attractive. I want people to like me, so I say "yes" to letting unhealthy relationships and commitments that consume my time in ways God never intended.

What are you fearing? We probably have a lot of fears in common, friend. Since I'm assuming you're also a woman who freaks out about her weight and her future. But what else? What's a fear that's gnawing at the dark corner of your brain and complicating your life? What's at the root of it?

What if we could let go of those heavy, enslaving fears and exchange them for simplicity?

For one simple truth?

Jesus is enough.

He will always be the richest fulfillment. He will always provide for all of my needs. He will always approve of me, call me worthy, and find me lovely. He will always give more grace. He will always have good plans for my life. He will always bring me closer to perfection in His love.

I John 4:18 There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear. For fear has to do with punishment, and whoever fears has not been perfected in love.

As we walk side by side through this October, friend, let me remind you of this - In Christ, we have NOTHING. TO. FEAR. We can let go of fear and move forward in His love. Simplicity will surely follow.

What fears are cluttering your life right now?

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