#Write31Days: Simplify Your Email / by Rachel Nordgren

Write 31 Days: How to Simplify Your Email
Write 31 Days: How to Simplify Your Email

Anyone else feel like they're constantly fighting an uphill battle to simplify their email inbox?

Just me?

Taming the inbox can be an overwhelming, seemingly endless task that adds unnecessary clutter to our lives. Thankfully, though...it's just email! It's totally tame-able, and you'll be set to conquer your inbox after you finish reading this post. I promise!

How to Simplify + Declutter your Inbox

1. Get thee to Unroll.me. One of the fastest ways to get some simplicity sanity in your inbox is to unsubscribe. If you take anything away from this post, it should be this tip! Unroll.me is the magic genie of unsubscribing from emails. Most of the time these things just clog up your inbox instead of adding value. Getting "Exclusive Offers and Updates!" from Forever 21 every single day isn't worth your time.

That being said, I will routinely sign up for emails at the counter at a store to get that 15% discount, and then promptly unsubscribe as soon as I leave the store.

Shady? Maybe. Smart? Definitely.

2. Organize, organize, organize! Like a lot of people, I use Gmail. One of my favorite features is the labels system, especially since I can customize the colors! Because YES I am mildly OCD like that and color coding things is just my jam, ok?

As emails come in, I categorize them by label. Then, it's easy to see at a glance what area needs the most attention. I work through the emails, sorting and responding to each category on it's own. Once an email has been responded to or sorted into the proper category, it gets moved out of my inbox. This system helps me stay focused on one category of emails at a time, and work through them in an organized manner.

Write 31 Days: How to Simplify + Declutter Your Email Inbox
Write 31 Days: How to Simplify + Declutter Your Email Inbox

Blog - emails from lovely readers like you, info about collaborations, guest posts, etc. Family - self explanatory ;) Influence CG - emails with my Influence Network Community Group Influence Network - all other Influence Network emails Mastermind Group - again, self explanatory! Personal - sort of a catchall for things that don't quite fit anywhere else Rachel Nordgren Media - business emails (more on that coming soon!) Records - order and shipping confirmation emails, etc. Resources - newsletters that have useful information in them that I want to save Tiny Home - anything to do with the tiny home Hans and I are building!

3. Have a "One Touch" system. This is a simple rule that is super hard for me to follow. Instead of pinging back and forth between tabs in my browser or tasks on my to-do list, I challenge myself to only "touch" each email once. That means that as soon as I open the email, I take action on it.

Does it need to be responded to? Then I sit down and hammer out a response, send it off, and move it out of my inbox. Does it need to be sorted? Then I move it from my inbox to the appropriate label. Do I need to unsubscribe from that particular email list? Then I hit "unsubscribe" and then delete it.

I think this quote from Lara Casey sums it up perfectly..."Email is just a bunch of decisions that need to be made. Make decisions!"

"Email is just a bunch of decisions that need to be made. Make decisions!" // Laray Casey
"Email is just a bunch of decisions that need to be made. Make decisions!" // Laray Casey

If you're looking for an email newsletter that promises NOT to clog up your inbox and always add value to your life, sign up for my monthly newsletter below! Or don't. You need to keep your inbox simplified, after all! ;)


What are some other ways you can simplify your inbox?

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