#Write31Days: 100 (more) Things We Got Rid Of / by Rachel Nordgren


Newsflash: tiny homes are tiny. They can't hold a lot of stuff without starting to look more like a cluttered spare closet than a home. So, we've been simplifying and simplifying, trying to get down to just the beloved basics that we'll take with us to our tiny home.

I wrote a 100 Things We Got Rid Of post back in February, and I hope it (and this list!) will jog your brain and get you to think about a couple of things around your house that YOU could clear out! The odd thing is, I've missed exactly two things on these lists: a tiny spatula and our coffee grinder. Two things out of two hundred is pretty good! It's amazing how little we miss the things we've gotten rid of.

  1. A laptop case
  2. A clipboard
  3. 4 necklaces I never wore
  4. Some bracelets I never wore
  5. A little lantern
  6. The cats (sad face! But, they went to a good home and two cats and a dog and two humans in a tiny house was going to be too much) ***note: one reader called me out on this, out of concern for the cats. I shed some more light on this decision in the comments.
  7. Technically, #6 counts as two
  8. Their litter box
  9. Cat toys
  10. The cat carrier
  11. A plant that the cats killed
  12. A flannel shirt that didn't quite fit right
  13. Our old fancy dishes (we bought new ones from IKEA that are as simple as simple can be, and also can be easily replaced)
  14. A ring I never wore
  15. Some photo frames we didn't use
  16. Orange candle holders because we don't own anything else orange
  17. A cute coffee mug
  18. Decorative salad tossers
  19. A floral wall decoration
  20. Assorted holiday wreaths
  21. A kiddie pool
  22. Director chairs
  23. A breadmaker
  24. Throw rugs
  25. A huge roll of corrugated tube (used for landscaping)
  26. Some vases
  27. African themed decor
  28. Hans' disc golf bag
  29. A feather collection
  30. A hat that made Hans look funny
  31. Our TV
  32. A huge armoire
  33. Hans' stereo system
  34. An itsy bitsy crockpot
  35. This strange ball/resistance band contraption
  36. Several sets of sheets
  37. A radio alarm clock
  38. Driftwood
  39. A gigantic mirror
  40. Puzzles
  41. Several scripture prints/artwork (these have found new homes with friends)
  42. Old audio cables
  43. Plastic Quik Trip cups
  44. DVDs
  45. Lots of DVDs
  46. Did I mention we sold LOTS of DVDs?
  47. An extra scarf
  48. Duck Dynasty playing cards
  49. A teapot
  50. One of those big fancy party servers
  51. A big chip and dip bowl that took up a TON of cabinet space
  52. An extra full sized bed
  53. A Snuggie (Hans brought it into our marriage, I kicked it out)
  54. A rock collection
  55. Old sermon DVDs
  56. A feather pillow that shed like a chicken in a tornado
  57. A tiny spatula
  58. A cake stand
  59. Some Christmas lights
  60. A chaise lounge
  61. An piece of artwork given as a wedding present that we never liked
  62. Halloween lights
  63. A floor lamp
  64. An antique heater/fan
  65. Hans got rid of 3 pairs of shoes!
  66. An extra pitcher
  67. A handheld folding fan
  68. Some games
  69. Monopoly
  70. Guess Who?
  71. Trivial Pursuit
  72. Clue
  73. Life
  74. A teabag holder
  75. An antique teapot
  76. Hans' roller blades
  77. Curtain rods
  78. Hans' roller skates
  79. Hans' ripstick
  80. A printer that never worked
  81. My bike (it didn't have gears, which made hills HARD)
  82. A futon
  83. Some extra pillows we kept for the pets
  84. A winter work suit
  85. Several tops that didn't fit well
  86. An extra dresser
  87. Our old coffee table
  88. A wooden shelf with knick knacks
  89. Stemmed wine glasses (our new stemless ones can double for everyday use)
  90. Decorative twiggy things
  91. An antique end table
  92. An old knife set
  93. State Quarters collection
  94. Hedge trimmers
  95. A meat thermometer
  96. A candy thermometer
  97. Beta fish stuff (you know, for the beta fish we haven't had in over a year)
  98. Circa-2001 greeting cards
  99. Little glass votive holders
  100. An extra large spatula

Whew! Many thanks to Hans, who sat next to me and helped me remember all the things we've gotten rid of over the last several months!

What can YOU get rid of?

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