Where's Rachel? / by Rachel Nordgren

Where's Rachel

Glorify God Love Hans GRADUATE Our Yellow Door

That's been my priority list for the past several months. In that order.

Number 3? Yeah, that's been sucking up time like an atomic powered Hoover vacuum.

I've said it before and I will say it again...I'm sorry that I haven't been around all that much. Yikes, y'all...it's been a month since I posted anything on OYD. That whole #Write31Days thing? Crashed and burned most epically. I do have a whole list of topics that I wanted to cover, and they will get written about at some point, but that point was decisively NOT October.

The best of plans have been laid and the best of intentions have been had, but I have failed. Blogging posts and to-do's have been shuffled from one week's planner page to the next, their little blank checkboxes staring me in the face. Blank boxes full of a lot of shame and resentment.

Ain't nobody got time for shame and resentment, though!

One month from today I will graduate. There's a lot that has to happen (read: finishing a colossal research paper) between now and then, and blogging just won't fit. If I want to do well in this final semester and still get enough sleep/have more than 2.3 minutes in prayer every morning/love my husband, OYD has to be put on hold.

For one. more. month.

Then? We'll pick up where we left off. We'll do a snazzy Lara Casey giveaway to end the year, we'll bust out that 31 Days of Simplicity Series, OYD will get one heck of a makeover (including a new design and a Disqus comment section), and I'll start exploring something I've had on my brain for a while...figuring out ways to help others embrace simplicity in their lives. Through worksheets, printables, maybe even webinars and coaching (???) - simplicity is my passion, and I want to help other women find it.

In the meantime, check out these two guest posts if you have a minute!

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I love you. I am for you. I can't wait until December.

How have YOU been, friend?

Under Grace, Rachel