Wardrobe Wish List / by Rachel Nordgren

One of my goals for April is to re-vamp my wardrobe with well built staples. I've been purging my clothes like crazy for the past couple of months, and now it's time to rebuild! I want to be investing in pieces that are well made, classic, and versatile. So, if I had oodles and oodles of money to drop right this second (I don't), here's what I would buy...
1. Everlane white button down shirt
2. TOMS Sunglasses
3. Chestnut Tieks shoes
4. Everlane leather tote
5. Striped tops for days
6. Everlane white v-neck shirt
7. Simple gold jewelry + boyfriend watch
8. Little Black Dress

Having a list like this keeps me from buying random stuff that I see on clearance at Target...a bad habit from which I am slowly recovering. Even though these pieces are more expensive, they'll clock up years of use! I'd rather spend money on that than cheaply made clothes that will wear out in a few months.

What staples do you want in your closet?

Under Grace, Rachel

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