Update on Allthethings / by Rachel Nordgren

UpdateOnAllthethings That's my (super grainy) "Oh hey there, friend! How ARE you?!" face.

How are you? Really? Good? I hope you're doing good. If you're not doing good, won't you please leave something in the comments letting me know how can I pray for you? Y'all, there are days I feel this world is going downright crazy, and if we can pray together for each other...well, I think that helps keep some of the crazy at bay.

In another effort to keep crazy at bay, today's post comes to you in four parts.

PART ONE | It's 8:07 am and I'm perched up in one of the university library study areas. Because *SURPRISE* the semester started last week, and Hans is teaching again, and oh yeah we're down to one car, so I give him a ride to school in the morning and then get to campus 2 1/2 hours before my first class. Which ensures a sahweeeet parking spot and extra time to study.

Y'all, this is my last semester. Praise-The-Lord. As last semesters go, this one won't be too bad - I just have to write a 20+ page historical research paper with 20+ primary sources that will get dissected by the entire department in order to graduate.

No sweat.

So that's why homegirl (sidebar: is it weird that I call myself homegirl? Maybe that's weird) has been rather absent lately. As far as priorities go, university kind of has to come before blogging for the next few months because SWEET MOTHER OF PEARL IT'S BEEN FIVE YEARS AND I NEED TO GRADUATE.

PART TWO | Have you been following along with the the Singleness Series? It's based around the idea that being single doesn't give your life any less significance or worth, and that Jesus IS enough in every season. Other bloggers have been sharing their stories and their thoughts with crazy beautiful honesty, and you can read all the posts here.

PART THREE | I'm going to the Influence Conference next month (!!!) and because traveling is expensive, I'm making and selling these braided hex nut wrap bracelets to cover my train ticket and coffee meals while I'm there.


It's simple, modern, and works great on it's own or as part of a bracelet stack. They're available in gold or silver, for $8 a piece - which includes shipping. If you live nearby and would like it hand-delivered, they're only $7. :D  Email me if you're interested!

Don't feel under any obligation to buy one, or to even think they look cool. Because no one wants to be Regina George.


>>> Sometimes Hans asks me if butter is a carb and then starts giggling uncontrollably. It's the one quote from the movie he always remembers.

PART FOUR | Here's a little song for your Monday. "Ain't No Grave" by Crowder.


How are YOU doing, friend?

Under Grace, Rachel

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PSST! A big thanks to Kelsey for helping me model the bracelet!