Why I Want to Live in Less than 200 square feet / by Rachel Nordgren

Don't look at me like that.

Yeah, maybe you think I'm headed off to Timbuktu on the crazy train, but hear me out. I really do want to live in less than 200 square feet, and I'm not insane, and I don't own any clothes made from hemp.

Okay? Okay.

Tonight I was over at my in-laws, because my MIL was helping me hem a blouse (#stereotypicalKansasgirl) and we were watching "Love It or List It", a show where a homeowner gets their "problem home" remodeled by one person while another person shows them a bevy of new homes that fit their "needs". At the end of each episode, the homeowners get to decide whether they want to keep their newly remodeled home or buy one of the new homes they were shown.

We saw one episode where a couple was looking at a new house, and it had not one, not two, but THREE bedrooms, and the wife was like, "Um, it's not enough space."

Welcome to America, where three bedrooms isn't enough space for two adults.

Isn't there a problem with this?

Is there a better (less wasteful, less self-centered, less consumeristic) way?

I think there is.

Hans and I have been dreaming about living in a tiny home for several months. It's our simple dream. For us, simplicity doesn't start with getting rid of excess, but with wanting less. If we just got rid of stuff without examining our hearts, we would probably just accumulate more. Instead, we're moving towards a life of being satisfied with simplicity.

Which sounds insane to most Americans. 'Murica is the richest country in the world, goshdarnit. 'Murica likes debt wealth, wide walled-in open spaces, and hoards lots of physical possessions. 'Murica likes things super-sized.

But what if we don't need as much as we think we need? What if, like 92% of the rest of the world, we lived in less than 200 square feet? (I made that statistic up...just roll with it) What if humble living was better for us, better for our relationships, and better for our faith? What if happiness could be found outside of the "American Dream"?

I want to find out.

Click on images for source.

And yeah, part of it is just the fact that Hans and I are rebellious and stubborn...and we like the idea of bucking the system and defying the norms and all that hipster stuff.

But what are the other reasons we'd want to live in such a tiny home?

1. No Mortgage. 2. Therefore, more $$ to give, save, and invest. 3. Also, more $$ to travel :) 4. It would take literally 36 minutes to clean. 5. Bills would be easily less than $20 a month (depending on our set up). 6. Less space to fill = we buy fewer (but nicer) things. 7. Being hipster-ific ;) 8. Ability to literally move our home. 9. Freedom to work less. 10. That loft, ya'll. Did you see the LOFT?!

Currently I'm in love with the Proto Haus design (pictured above). Here's a video tour...


What are your thoughts about living simply? Would you ever want to live in a tiny home?

Under Grace, Rachel

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