Thoughts On Lent / by Rachel Nordgren

Lent is here, my dear friends.

Disclaimer: I didn't think ahead enough to give up something for Lent. We don't have cable, I've already given up Facebook, and Hans and I keep sweets out of the house like they're on fire. After I quit as a barista, my caffeine dependence tapered off. The normal avenues are already shut down.

My goal for Lent is's part of the yearning of my heart...and I'll take the next 37 days to yearn for it more: simply to know Christ and become more like Him. I'm going to do that by committing the first minutes of my day to simply being with my Lord, by reading through the She Reads Truth Lent reading plan and prayer journaling. I have been asking Him to focus my heart on continual prayer in order to stay in relationship with Him throughout the day. I want my words to be His words, especially towards my husband and my close friends.

If we're not careful, we can turn Lent into an self reliant exercise in self control. We endure the elimination of a luxury for 40 days and pat ourselves on the back when we're through. If that's the case, then we've missed the point: Jesus Christ. He is glorified in our weakness because we acknowledge and we show that we have a need for Him.

We sacrifice in order to become more familiar with this Man of Sorrows, who had no place to lay His head. We eliminate something that distracts us from Him in order to see Him more make room for His truth to speak more loudly. We quiet the pesky voices of our self indulgent desires in order to become more familiar with His desires.

So, whether you're giving up coffee or Facebook, TV shows or gossip this Lenten season...make it about more of Him and less of you.

Here's what others have to say about Lent...

Ann Voskamp says that Lent is “the preparing the heart for Easter. Like going with Jesus into the wilderness for forty days, that we might come face to ugly face with our enemy. Our sacrificing that we might become more like Christ in His sacrifice. Lent isn’t about forfeiting as much as it’s about formation."

Jessi on Naptime Diaries said that Lent is about walking and that, "We are not earning points. We are just walking closer." 

Mary over at Dream Up Wonder wrote that she wants to add something back during Lent, instead of focusing on just what she's cutting out. She's using Naptime Diaries' Lent Journal and the She Reads Truth Lent plan to do just that.

Jason Gray wrote about how he and his family "pray that the Lord would reveal to us anything that has some kind of lordship or mastery over us, anything that is competing with the supremacy of Christ for our attention and affection," and then they give that up for Lent.

What are your thoughts on Lent?

Under Grace, Rachel

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