The Snowglobe: Thoughts on God's Omnipresence / by Rachel Nordgren


Let's get one thing straight: I'm no theologian. My thoughts on God's omnipresence are very limited and unrefined. Childish, even. But I'm going to take Jesus at His word and trust that childlike faith gives Him joy (Matthew 18:1-5) and simply write what's on my heart. This analogy is imperfect but it's how I think about God's omnipresence. Okay? Okay.

God's omnipresence is something that, if you think about it too hard, is liable to wring your brain out like a used washcloth. Our brains simply cannot comprehend the fullness of the glory of God and every nook and cranny of His Character and Nature. He exists outside of space and time, and, incase you haven't noticed, time and space are two of the inescapable aspects of the human experience. We simply do not know anything outside of time and space because everything that we know is bound up in time and space.

Psalm 33 says that God spoke the universe into being. Like, the stars did not exist until He spoke them into existence. The entirety of the universe - that ever expanding space that millions upon billions of galaxies exist in - it was all God's idea and God's creation.

To create something, you have to be outside of it.

A canvas cannot turn itself into a work of art. An artist, who is outside of the canvas, must paint it into what they want it to be. The canvas cannot turn itself into anything without the artist's help. Space and time did not exist until God created them (Genesis 1), and therefore He must be outside of space and time.

I literally cannot wrap my brain around that. I can't even begin to understand the sheer magnitude of the galaxy, let alone the entire universe. I can't comprehend being outside of space and time because I am finite and utterly bound by space and time.

Here is what I do know: God is VERY big and UTTERLY sovereign. He created everything in the created order and is therefore outside of the created order. God's creation bears His signature and His image, just like a painting bears the style and the signature of the artist.

The best way for me to mentally comprehend God's omnipresence  is to think of our universe - our massive, sprawling, expanding, unspeakably complex cosmos - as entirely encapsulated in a snow globe that sits on God's desk in heaven.

[bctt tweet="The best way for me to comprehend God's omnipresence is to think of our universe as a snow globe."]

This is, at best, a faulty analogy, and at worst a gross misrepresentation of God's omnipresence and omnipotence. God doesn't have a desk, He has a throne (Revelation 4). God does not need to sit down at a desk to do the work of sustaining the universe, it exists simply by His Word.

Thinking of the universe as a small and virtually innocuous object in God's presence helps me keep a healthy perspective on God's power and presence, and my own tiny insignificance in light of Him. Yet...YET...this is the SAME GOD who came into our dinky galaxy in our tiny snow globe of a universe and intervened to save us from our sin and reconcile us to Him.

Love so amazing, so divine.


What are things that help YOU understand God's omnipresence?