Taking Stock / by Rachel Nordgren

Lara Casey Powersheets Making | My office space a creative place Cooking | This fabulous, flavor-packed salad from Shauna Niequist Drinking | Chai tea Reading | Boundaries by Cloud and Townsend Wanting | A productive week Looking | At the flowers Hans picked for me Playing | Spotify's "Wake Up Happy" playlist Deciding | Progress is better than perfection Wishing | You would take a moment to enter my pearl necklace giveaway! Enjoying | Washi tape Waiting | For the Influence Conference! Liking | Summer sunshine! Wondering | How to turn OYD into a business Loving | Banjo's sweet brown eyes Pondering | Where I'll be in 5 years Considering | Taking a big, crazy leap of faith... Watching | Gilmore Girls #guiltypleasure Hoping | The She Reads Truth App drops soon! Marveling | At God's goodness + grace Needing | Courage Smelling | Sun-baked garden earth Wearing | Dirt from weeding said garden Following | @aharvestofblessing Noticing | RSS is hard... Knowing | God has good plans for me Thinking | I want a donut Admiring | People who work hard Sorting | My to-do list for the week Buying | This leather laptop tote, because homegirl needs a good bag Getting | Excited that said bag is coming in the mail! Bookmarking | Hello Neverland's Blog Branding Series Disliking | The end of summer :( Opening | Another piece of candy, because I have no self control Giggling | At Hans' crazy antics Feeling | Blessed

Here's a blank list for YOU to use, too!

Making | Cooking | Drinking | Reading | Wanting | Looking | Playing | Deciding | Wishing | Enjoying | Waiting | Liking | Wondering | Loving | Pondering | Considering | Watching |  Hoping | Marveling | Needing | Smelling | Wearing | Following | Noticing | Knowing | Thinking | Admiring | Sorting | Buying | Getting | Bookmarking | Disliking | Opening | Giggling | Feeling |

PS - totally stole this idea from Meet Me At Mikes :)

Pick a couple of the prompts above and answer them in the comments!!

Under Grace, Rachel

PPS - I wrote this post because several people commented in my Giveaway post that they wanted more personal content. Your wish is my command, dear reader!

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