Prayers for ISIS + A letter to send to your Government Officials / by Rachel Nordgren


Sometimes, in the silence of the 2am or in the breath of quiet in the line at the coffee shop, a quiet rumbling hits me square between the eyes. The quiet and awful knowledge that somewhere, someplace, someone is suffering. A quiet rumbling that tips into a screaming, fathomless howl when I read articles like this one or this one.

Oh Lord Jesus, come back soon.

The UN is saying that this is the worst humanitarian crisis of the modern era. So horrific are the deed of ISIS that even Al-Qaeda excommunicated them for their extremism. Did you catch that? Al-Qaeda thinks ISIS is extreme.


When I'm staring down the dark hole of ISIS, I'm tempted to either throw my hands in the air or curl my fingers into furious fists. There's a tension between apathy and anger and y'all, it's a line I don't walk well.

Oh Lord Jesus, let my hands be open in prayer.

I want to pray for ISIS and for those who have suffered at their hands, and I want to take physical action as well. So, today's post comes to you in two parts...prayer + petition.

Lord, You are mighty and You are sovereign and there is nothing on earth that can take you off of your throne. You are good and just and you are out for Your Glory. There is nothing that can separate us from You. Even in the midst of tragedy and violence and atrocity, You are still God. You are still on Your throne.

Forgive the American Church for hiding in the face of the plight of our Christian brothers and sisters who are suffering at the hands of ISIS. Lord, forgive us! We have forgotten what Paul told the Corinthian Church...that "If one member of the body suffers, all suffer together" (1 Corinthians 12:26). Forgive our self-centeredness, forgive our near-sightedness, forgive our apathy.

I ask that You would protect those who are suffering at ISIS's hands. I pray You would deliver them from evil, that they would be delivered into safety. I pray that You would heal with extravagant grace the physical, emotional, and spiritual wounds that have been inflicted upon our brothers and sisters. Lord, protect them.

You are able to turn even the hardest, cruelest hearts to yourself. You did it to Saul, you can do it to members of ISIS. I know that You have the power to change an assassin into an apostle. I pray that someone in ISIS - even today - would be wrecked by Your Glory and would turn their heart to You.

I pray that there would be people who read this post and have their hearts moved towards action. I pray that there would be those who write letters and make calls and stand up for those who are hurting. I pray that the American Government would realize the depth of these atrocities and that this country would do what we are able to do to give relief and aid.

You are able to reconcile all things to Yourself, Lord. You are good, and You are able. In Jesus' Name I pray.


Prayers for ISIS + A Letter to send to your Government Officials
Prayers for ISIS + A Letter to send to your Government Officials

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