Our Tiny House Build: An Update / by Rachel Nordgren


The whole country seems rather fascinated with tiny homes right now. The trend is, by any standards, positively exploding. When Hans and I went to the Tiny House Jamboree in Colorado last year, they were anticipating maybe a couple thousand people to show up.

40,000 people later, they figured out they were on to something.

Hans and I started the tiny home conversation in the early months of 2014. I had stumbled across an article about them online about six months before, became utterly obsessed, and tried to talk Hans into building one. He was reticent for a while, which makes sense...we had just gotten married and finished remodeling our first home a few months before. One more project? No thank you.

But then, simplicity started becoming our heartbeat and we started talking about the financial freedom a tiny house could bring, and dreaming about a tiny house sort of became the logical next step.

Then we started looking at plans.
Then we started drawing tiny house plans on our back patio with chalk (it's actually a really effective way to get an idea of the scale of a tiny house).
Then we went to the Jamboree last August.
Then we got rid of a ton of stuff.
Then we bought plans. (source: Simblissity)
Then we bought a trailer. (source: Tiny House Basics)
Then we got rid of a bunch of other stuff.
Then we turned down an offer to be on Tiny House Nation.
Then we modified the plans.
Then we modified them some more.
Then the plans became more of a rough guideline.

I'm blessed with a husband who has a natural knack for math/geometry and who grew up in a home where his dad runs a construction company. Hans has an incredible work ethic and absolutely loves physical labor. What a weirdo ;) So, he's been handling a lot of the "heavy lifting" with the build up until this point. My role is more moral support/visionary/hold-this/hand-him-that right now, but we're getting to finishing stages. Which means smaller (and less structural) projects that will be easier for me to help with.

If everything goes according to plan, our build will be completed in 6-8 weeks. The outer shell of the house is completed, so the interior + finishing touches are next. I've been getting inspired on Pinterest with different ideas of what I want the interior design to look like!

Some stats on our Tiny House:

Size: Our trailer is 24 feet long by 8 1/2 feet wide.

Square Footage: Interior dimensions are roughly 21 feet (we have a little front porch) by 8 feet, which brings us to 168 square feet, plus a sleeping loft and a storage loft.

Number of windows: 10 + 3 skylights.

Location: Our neighbors are fantastic (except for one ornery old couple who is threatening to burn the tiny house down in the middle of the night because they don't want us to leave the neighborhood) so we're building the tiny home in the driveway next to our "big house."

What about a toilet? Composting all the way, baby.

Where will we put it? To be decided! We have several options right now, so we're working on talking with people and figuring out the best (and most legal) place to park it.

View the nitty gritty details of our Tiny House Build on our Facebook album below!

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