Our Big (tiny) Dream / by Rachel Nordgren

Hey there, friend! How are you today? I hope that springtime is knocking at your door...this winter seems like it just will. not. end. and I'm really ready for some sunshine and open windows, you know?! What about you?! Lately, a common theme for Hans and I has been simplifying. I've blogged about it a lot, and it's something that gets me really, really excited. I love thinking about how to purge the excess out of my life, how to live most simplistically, and how to eliminate the excess in order to focus on the essential.

Well, that journey has led us down a rather unexpected path - tiny homes! Have you heard of tiny homes before? They are absolutely fascinating, and Hans and I are fairly obsessed.

The Tiny Life website defines the Tiny Homes movement like this: "Simply put, it is a social movement where people are downsizing the space that they live in. The typical American home is around 2600 square feet, while the typical small or tiny house is around 100-400 square feet." Many of them are often built onto flatbed trailers, too. Sounds crazy, right?

Hans and I are always up for a bit of crazy.

Our current home is three bedroom ranch style home with a basement at around 2000 square feet. It is our pride and joy, because we gutted/remodeled it before we got married...which, for the record, I would not suggest to anyone. After the wedding, one of my friends was like, "Rachel, the fact that ya'll still got married after remodeling a house is incredible. Most relationships would have crumbled under that kind of stress."


Since we've gotten rid of so much stuff, our house is rather...empty. We have minimal clutter, we're down to one dresser, and all of my our books fit comfortably onto one modest sized bookshelf. We're quickly realizing that the space we have is probably way more than we need. So, we're considering downsizing to a tiny house within a year or two.

(But what about kids, you ask? Hush. We have no immediate plans for kids...we're enjoying this whole "young and in love" thing, thankyouverymuch. A dog and a cat are all the children we need right now.)

It's very much in the "dreaming" stage, but it's been so much fun to look up plans, pictures, and YouTube videos...imagining what it would be like to live on the tiny side of life. Hans grew up in a family that owns a construction company, so he's practically a master carpenter. The challenge of building our own home with his own two hands (let's face it...I'm not going to be much help with the whole "hoisting beams" thing) really appeals to him.

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Why do we want to live in a tiny home?

  • No mortgage
  • Be able to travel easily
  • Low, low, low utility costs
  • Easy maintenance
  • Easy to clean
  • Help us be "closer to nature" (call me a hippie...)
  • Live intentionally
  • Live simplistically
  • Live sustainably

elm white3

What drawbacks do we see?

  • Not being able to have large groups over to entertain
  • Possibly getting sick of being all up in each other's business
  • Potential for clutter (eeeeek!!! noooooo!!!)
  • No basement...problematic for Kansas residents in tornado season

What do you think? Would you ever consider living in a tiny home?

I will be posting more thoughts, pictures, and videos soon :)

Under Grace, Rachel

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