Goals: Hello March / by Rachel Nordgren


Hello March Monthly Goals Hello, friend.

You know what's a funny thing? Reading 2014's Hello March post. It's sweet to remember where I was at this time last year and to remember the things that Hans and I did. It's also super funny that I was under the impression that the Noah movie would be a "quality cinematic experience".


March feels like the first month in 2015 that my stuff is actually together. I've got my Big 2015 Goals and my word for the year, my PowerSheets are filled out, I've gotten over the fear of writing in my planner because "I might mess it up". I finally feel like I'm ready to walk this year out, and I'm refusing to feel one bit of shame about the fact that it's March and I'm just now getting around to it.

There's no room for shame in a life of God's grace, friend.

Onto the goals, shall we?!

Monthly Goals for March 1. Memorize 1 Peter 1 2. Re-establish a healthy morning routine (because mine fell off the train somewhere around October) that includes a 5am rise-and-shine 3. Post twice a week on OYD 4. Read Eat to Live and Total Money Makeover with Hans 5. Prepare well for my Influence Network Community Group and lead with grace 6. *Secret goal* 7. *Secret goal* 8. *Secret goal*

Daily Goals for March 1. Work on 1 Peter 2. Pray over Hans out loud (even if it's awkward) 3. Exercise 4. Read 5. Schedule content/social media

Here's what I can promise you about those "secret goals"...if they're still a secret by the time April rolls around, I haven't done my job. Friend, I've had this fire in my belly for literally a whole darn year and I'm done dithering over the details. It's time to build.

What's coming will - I sincerely hope and pray! - bless YOU and glorify the LORD.

What are YOUR goals for March, friend?!

Under Grace - Rachel





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