Lately, I'm Excited About... / by Rachel Nordgren

Hey there, friend. Do I have permission to be honest with you for a moment? I've struggled to get traction this week. Call it allergies (which are kicking me in the FACE), almost-end-of-the-semester-itis, being out of town the past two weekends...whatever. It's just been hard to focus on what needs to get done this week.

That being said, I had a carefully planned agenda of articles for this week. They have promptly flown out the window because I forgot to take pictures and there's one article that will take at least an afternoon of writing to get just so.

So instead of a deep/fancy article today, I'm just going to share some stuff that I'm excited about with you!

1. This candle from Target. "Choose Happiness" No.5, scented with sparkling yuzu and lime. I don't even know what yuzu is, but it smells like springtime magic. Burning this baby as I work on blogging and homework :)

2. The SheReadsTruth App. My favorite Bible study website is building a Bible+Devotional app for iPhone and Android! YAY! If you want to donate (hint: you get lovely swag when you do), just click here.

3. Guest Posts! Ya'll, this is going to be great. Soon you will have the privilege of reading the thoughts of women like Trina from Beginner Beans, Lauren from Abiding Marriage, Amy from Lovely Does It, and Jordyn from She Who Fears. Get. Excited.

4. Decorating the Office. Right now, the office is a bit...well, bland. See what I mean?

Believe me. I adore my desk (Hans the handyman built it for me) and how much space I have. But the walls! The walls are so blank! Thankfully, both the Naptime Diaries and Lara Casey shops were 25% off last week, so I ordered some lovely prints to go up. We're also figuring out where to put some wall shelves to hold additional office accoutraments...all organized in stylish bins and boxes, of course ;) This is one of the spaces in our home where I spend the most time, and I want to be inspired and encouraged when I'm there :)

5. This Gold Tray Project from Sealed with Lovely. Hello, you adorable polka-dotted tray, you. Get on my dresser.

What are YOU excited about lately, friend?

Under Grace, Rachel

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