How to Quit Facebook - Benefits & Drawbacks / by Rachel Nordgren


How to Quit Facebook - Benefits & Drawbacks | Rachel Nordgren

Oh wily little website, you.

At the beginning of this year, I worked through how to quit Facebook (sorta), wherein I would only get on Facebook once a month. It was difficult at first - my brain was literally programed to pop open the app on my phone whenever I was bored - but after three months, it's become easy.

In my journey towards simplicity, I've been working through the "excess" things in my life. The things that don't edify my existence and weigh me down, you know? When I eliminate those things, or drastically reduce the time and energy I devote to them, it's amazing how easy it is to focus on the more "essential" things in life.

Cutting out Facebook has benefits and drawbacks, but the good is definitely outweighing the bad.

How to Quit Facebook - Benefits & Drawbacks

Benefit 1: More time to focus on things that matter. Being with the Lord, marriage, schoolwork, blogging, etc.

Benefit 2: I'm less burdened by comparison to others. Check out what my friend Amy wrote about affirmation vs. comparison!

Benefit 3: More meaningful connections with others. Instead of "catching up" with someone online, being off Facebook forces me to connect with others in real life.

How to Quit Facebook | Rachel Nordgren

Drawback 1: Missing messages. I've missed out on a couple of events because I didn't see the message or invite.

Drawback 2: Missing "Big News" Since most people announce news like pregnancies and engagements on Facebook, sometimes I'm a bit out of the loop about what's happening in the lives of people I know.

Drawback 3: Lack of promotion. In my blogging journey, I realize that posting on Facebook is great way to advertise your, I'm missing out on that.

Overall, it has been refreshing to take a break from Facebook! I plan to continue this experiment through the rest of 2014, and then evaluate whether I want to continue it in 2015.

Have you ever quit Facebook? What benefits/drawbacks did you notice? Rachel Nordgren Signature