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Ahh, Autumn. That blissful and blessed season filled with allthepumpkinthings and boots and sweaters and crisp crackling leaves. Hello, old friend. I've missed you.

Autumn is my FAVORITE. It contains our wedding anniversary, my birthday, rainy days, Thanksgiving (my favorite holiday), and all things cozy. And apple cider. Oh my giddy aunt, I LOVE me some apple cider.

The last month went well, but there are still things on my to-do list from, like, June. It's hard to balance real life with blogging, you know? I would love to just hole up in my office with a mug of coffee and my laptop and just blog all the live long day, but there are papers to be written and laundry to be done.


My August Goals 1. Read through Proverbs | Done! Post coming next week! 2. Encourage Hans as he starts the school year | Check. Notes in the lunchbox, back rubs, and surprise cookies. 3. Prepare for my semester | You best believe my planner is color coded through December. 4. Transfer OYD to wordpress.org! YAY! | Not yet :( 5. Go to the gym at least 3 mornings a week | Erm, not exactly. I did intentionally exercise at least 3 days a week, but it wasn't always at the gym. We have some nice trails near our house, so I took Banjo out there for a few jogs.

September Goals 1. Join a ladies Bible Study 2. Celebrate our one year wedding anniversary 3. Work hard in school 4. Learn a ton at the Influence Conference! 5. Lose 2 pounds a week - the healthy way!

PSST! Want to help me get to the Influence Conference, AND get some sweet arm candy?! Click on the image below! Each bracelet is only $8 - includes shipping!


What are YOUR goals for September?

Under Grace, Rachel

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