Hello March / by Rachel Nordgren

Hello, sweet friends! This is my view right now...I'm holed up inside due to another winter wonderland storm. Not that I mind...this soul of mine is a bit of a homebody, and I deeply enjoying sitting down at my desk and making things happen. Wherever you are today, whatever your weather is like, I hope that your March is starting off beautifully!

I am linking up with The Tiny Twig's March Goals post!

Great things that happened in February: 1. Snow days! Hans and I got some sweet time together at home, which was a blessing. 2. The Olympics. I'm fascinated by them. 3. Hans made me Red Chocolate Chip pancakes on Valentine's Day :) 4. We hosted a Downton Abbey watch party, which was ridiculously fun...lots of lovely people and good food. Those two things, as far as I am concerned, make the best gatherings. 5. I worked out consistently and made a conscious effort to eat healthier.

February Goal Setting Update: 1. Watch the Passion Conference Livestream I did this! It was marvelous. My favorite session was Judah Smith. 2. Pray with Hans about a couple to mentor us.  We didn't make as conscious of an effort to do this as we should have. We need to continue to pray about it! 3. Develop a healthy morning routine I did this! My morning routine consists of getting up around 5:30/6:00, eating a healthy breakfast, doing my quiet time, and making an effort to look presentable for the day. However, I would like to add this morning yoga sequence to my mornings, too. 4. Blog at least twice a week.  I didn't meet my goal exactly, but I did blog regularly! 5. Pare down my book collection Oh baby...I got rid of about half of my books! It was almost like giving away my children, but it felt so good to purge! Plus, I made some extra cash by selling them to a local used book store :)

March Goals: 1. Concentrate on continual prayer - 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18. 2. Intentionally celebrate our engagement anniversary/six month marriage anniversary! 3. Do 45 vs. 30 minutes of cardio when I work out. 4. Create a two week long blog series (can't wait to share this one with you guys!!) 5. Have another freezer meal making day.

What I'm looking forward to in March: 1. Spring Break! We're meeting our best friends down in Galveston, Texas and camping on the beach. It's going to be the cheapest vacation in the history of ever because we're poor, but I can't wait to make a crap-ton of memories with David, Carly, and Hans :) 2. Celebrating six months of marriage on March 7th! 3. Going to Ikea on our way down to Galveston. I love Ikea like a fat kid loves chocolate cake. 4. I'm saving up for a pair of Tieks shoes! Do you think I should get Cardinal Red or Matte Black? Decisions, decisions! 5. The Noah movie comes out on March 28th. I. Cannot. Wait.

What do you want to make happen in March? What are you looking forward to this month?

Under Grace, Rachel

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