Hello July (how I failed at June) / by Rachel Nordgren

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June: the month that Rachel didn't accomplish *any* of her goals.


Ya'll, the whole month just felt busy and disjointed and unproductive. Hans was gone for a week and a half of June, I was babysitting, in a wedding, and we welcomed a new nephew into the world (Karsten Allen, born June 26th at a whopping 10 lbs 10 oz...his mother is a champ).

June was joyful but messy, and I'm ready to do better in July.

Even though I didn't accomplish any of the initial goals I set...good things still happened!

1. I bought my own domain AND joined the Influence Network! HOORAY!
2. Hans and I had a wonderful date night...thai food, thrifting, and a mini road trip <3
3. New nephew!!!
4. Amy and Jordyn and I had a fabulous Google Hangout :D
5. We spontaneously had friends over and made mojitos (with mint from our garden!)

So, how badly did I do on my June Goals?
1. Memorize Romans 8 | Nope
2. Find and commit to a Couple's Bible Study | Kinda? Maybe? We talked about it?
3. Try a new fitness class at the gym | Nope
4. { More Secret Goal Stuff } | Nope
5. ACTUALLY research IRA accounts and other investments | Nope

Eeek...it's embarrassing. But that's ok. It's point of this whole "Goals with Grace" thing, isn't it? That we're honest about our goals...whether or not we succeed? Good community is born out of transparency.

Something that encourages me? Jesus doesn't judge us by how many things we check off our to-do list. He's full of grace towards us, and His love doesn't depend on our performance. He's the Lord of fresh starts. He always has been.

As I start July, my heart is cheered by the fact that He walks with me.

July Goals
1. Pray with Hans about future ministry involvement
2. Read 3 books that inspire me
3. Organize + Strategize for OYD
4. Memorize Psalm 16
5. Look into IRA's (c'mon, Rachel!!)

I chose to memorize Psalm 16 because it's considerably shorter than Romans 8. "The Great 8" is a beautiful piece of Scripture, but it's THICK. I've been out of the scripture memory routine for a while, and I need to start back in with something a bit lighter!

What are your goals for July, friend? How did your June go?

Under Grace,

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