Hello April / by Rachel Nordgren

Don't you just want to punch winter in the face? I. Am. So. Over. Cold.

Please, let's have some sunshine. Some April showers. A good thunderstorm, for heaven's sake! This past month was so good, but I'm aching to get outside without needing a coat. However, all that time inside gave me the chance to really sit down and evaluate my goals for the upcoming month!

I am linking up with The Tiny Twig's April Goals post!

Great things that happened in March: 1. Spring Break with David and Carly. We camped, we played, we rested, we tried on large funny hats. 2. We went to Ikea. I could live in Ikea. 3. Hans taught me how to drive his car - a stick shift - and I didn't utterly fail. We're going down to one car, so the necessity for me to learn was great. 4. The Simplified Series happened on this blog :) 5. Hans and I celebrated six months of marriage!


How did I do on my March Goals? 1. Concentrate on continual prayer - 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18. I struggled to remember to pray continually, but I did try to include God in my mental conversations during the day. If that makes sense. 2. Intentionally celebrate our engagement anniversary/six month marriage anniversary! Did it! We went out for Thai food in Lawrence. Suh good. 3. Do 45 vs. 30 minutes of cardio when I work out. I did this. Kind of. Around Midterms I sort of jumped off the exercise bandwagon for a while. 4. Create a two week long blog series (can't wait to share this one with you guys!!) I DID THIS and I am super proud of it. The Simplified Series was so much fun to write. If you haven't checked it out, it's all about ways to eliminate the excess in order to focus on the essential in your life. 5. Have another freezer meal making day. Nope. I got as far as bookmarking some recipes, and that was it.

April Goals: 1. Pray about and seek out a female mentor. 2. Plan an epic surprise for Hans' birthday :) 3. Re-vamp my wardrobe with well-built staples...taking my own advice! 4. Collaborate with other bloggers! Email me if you're interested!!! 5. Make my own cleaning supplies.

And have a freezer meal day...because it makes life so much simpler. Is that a blog post ya'll would be interested in reading? The recipes and methods I used?

What about springtime gets you excited? What do you want to make happen in April?

Under Grace, Rachel

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