Grace Upon Grace Vol. 7 / by Rachel Nordgren

Hello, sweet friend!

Can I get serious with you for a second? Let me put my hands on your shoulders, look you straight in the eye, and say this: I'm glad you're here. Whoever you are, however you got here, and no matter how long you're going to stay...I'm glad you're here.

Truly, thank you :)

I'm linking up with Jordyn at She Who Fears and her weekly Grace Upon Grace series. I love her heart behind the link share evidences of God's grace in our lives lately. It's madly encouraging to read her posts, and I hope you'll join in, too!

Here's some of the sweet grace Jesus has been blessing me with lately!

O N E | Hans | He was out of town all last week ( :( ) and it. was. awful. I know some people who are in long distance and they're like, "Psh? A week? Try being apart for 3 months!" Yeah, yeah, yeah. I get it. But when you're madly in love with someone, any amount of time spent apart is the worst. Hans came back on Saturday, and just having his laugh and his embrace and his morning snuggles back in my life has made me crazy grateful. Not to mention, a lightbulb went out and I didn't know where new ones were because he normally takes care of that. #embarrassing #cluelesswife

T W O | Sunshine | So, our dryer broke a few weeks ago. Which (thankfully) hasn't been a problem, because God made sure it broke in springtime instead of winter. We're able to hang our clothes on the line outside (which makes me feel all "Little House on the Prairie") and let the warm sunshine dry them!

T H R E E | Amy + Jordyn | God's been so good to me through these two ladies, ya'll! When I started blogging on Our Yellow Door, I was definitely afraid that no one would ever read it and that I wouldn't make any friends. How wrong I was! Amy and Jordyn have both been encouraging fellow bloggers who inspire me on the daily and bless me with community. This past week we got together for a "coffee date" Google hangout!! We talked for over two hours about faith, marriage, jobs and blogging. We laughed and encouraged one another and we were all drinking coffee, which made it feel like it was almost in real life. Seeing their faces and hearing their voices was equal parts crazy and wonderful :)

F O U R | Hans...again... | I know. I'm gushing. But seriously, this man has just been blessing my socks off lately. He's incredibly supportive of me and Our Yellow Door. Hans knows how much I love blogging and even though I'm not making a cent off of it right now, he wants me to keep doing it. A few weeks ago I timidly brought up the idea of joining the Influence Network and going to the Influence Conference. I say "timidly" because neither of those things are cheap, and we're currently on one income. But it'd been on my heart, and you're supposed to share your heart with your spouse. Hans was quiet for a few minutes (not in a bad a "crunching numbers in my brain" way) and then he said the words that made my jaw hit the floor: "I think we should send you...I want to support you in this."

Oh my stars. That man, ya'll...that man.



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What "grace upon grace" are you seeing God do in your life lately?

Under Grace,

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