Grace Upon Grace Vol. 5 / by Rachel Nordgren

Happy Monday, you Moxie Maven, you!!

Moxie - force of character, determination, or nerve Maven - from Hebrew: means one who understands, based on an accumulation of knowledge, a trusted expert in a particular field, who seeks to pass knowledge on to others

Today, I don't know what you've set your nerve to, what you're determined about, what knowledge you're becoming an expert in or who you're sharing it with, but this I do know:

You're loved. And you can do this.

Friend, Jesus really does love you, and He will help you overcome whatever you're facing today. Maybe it's not going to be in the way you expect, and maybe He's going to overcome it for you by telling you a solid "no". But He is your great source of strength, and He is crazy about you.

And that's good news for a Monday.

My lovely friend Jordyn from She Who Fears started this intentional and beautiful link up called Grace Upon Grace. Her idea behind it? "Let’s dwell on how Jesus is radically moving in our lives and transforming our hearts and blessing us with grace upon grace." Each week, she challenges herself and others to write about at least four evidences of God's grace, and to encourage others. I love it...being intentional about marking the goodness of God in the everyday. So, can I share some grace that God's been giving me lately?

Can you share, too?

O N E | Real Mail | Post and parcels, oh my! Recently, I've received letters from dear friends... - Lyndee, who rocks a pixie haircut, shops at the farmer's market, and does hot yoga...fabulous lady, I tell you! - Carly, my best friend who is incidentally married to Hans' best friend, which is just very tidy. - Amy, the adventurous, funny, and massively encouraging beauty behind Lovely Does It. - The aforementioned Jordyn, who made me a drop dead gorgeous watercolor Scripture print...I can't even tell you how pretty and perfect it is! It's such an encouragement to know that someone took the time to sit down and write to me. Old fashioned correspondence is just the best, don't you think?

T W O | Finals are OVER | Which is just a heap of grace, if you ask me. Hans finishes teaching this week, and then we have the whole summer to ourselves. // bliss //

T H R E E | She Reads Truth | This online Bible study community adds so much goodness to my walk. The women who lead SRT are desperate for Jesus and thirsty for His Word, and that translates into the studies they put together. Right now we're working our way through Nehemiah, and there's so much goodness and truth to be learned!

F O U R | Hans | Hans was going through some of our books, because books are definitely something we have to simplify if we are ever to live in a tiny house. He put two of my C.S. Lewis books in the purge pile, because we had those books in another anthology. I, being my stubborn self (who also loves British authors), picked them up and put them back on the shelf. Hans took the anthology and put it in the pile, and I swiftly stuck it back. "Rachel!" he said, exasperated, "that's redundant! We have double copies of those books!" and I got defensive and was like, "But the anthology has other books that he wrote! Just leave my Lewis alone!" Hans just burst out laughing. "That just sounds really I was bullying him or something," he said, chasing me into the office because I had started laughing too, and I hate it when I fail at being serious. And then he said sorry and I said sorry and what could have turned into a fight just became a fit of giggling over the thought of bullying C.S. Lewis. Embarrassing, but that's real life and real grace.

What "grace upon grace" has God given you lately?

Under Grace, Rachel

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