Grace Upon Grace Vol. 3 / by Rachel Nordgren

Hey there, fancy face.

How are you? How's your day so far? How has Jesus been loving you lately?

The spunky and lovely Jordyn from She Who Fears has started a link up entitled Grace Upon Grace. The idea is to share four evidences of the grace of God in your life lately...and to encourage other women along the way!

Can I share some beauty that Jesus has been putting in my life lately? Can you share some grace that's been happening in your life in the comments below?

Let's get started!

O N E | SPRING | Last night, Hans and I slept with the windows open and the sweet breeze flowing through the house. This morning as we awoke, the birds were positively choir-like outside. Flowers are blooming. The grass is sweet-green and soft. SUNSHINE, ya'll. SUNSHINE. I literally cannot get enough of it after that stupid winter we had! It reminds me that even after the darkest of days, God always brings life.

T W O | Banjo | For those of you who haven't heard me ramble about him before, Banjo is my sweet 3 year old rescue dog. He's an Australian Shepherd/Border Collie/Chow (we think) mix, and he is the most lovable, cheerful, adorable pup. To say that he's a gift from God is an understatement. It may sound silly, but Banjo gives me so much joy and comfort!

T H R E E | Mornings | 5:30am is my jam, ya'll. Hans and I get up before the sun and spend our mornings drinking coffee and meeting God in His Word. Even though we do our quiet times separately, I love that we are seeking His face together at the dawn of our days. I prayer journal and read through the daily She Reads Truth devotional, and I'm also studying the attributes of God right now, too. There is such grace in the quiet and the stillness of the mornings, before the day gets away from me.

F O U R | Our Home | We are stupid crazy blessed to have our own place, especially in our first year of marriage. Our house is slowing starting to flourish into a home...but it's taken a while! I'm learning that a home grows with you, and that it happens in slow steps. As we hang up artwork and photographs, tuck houseplants into corners and arrange books on the shelves, I am realizing just how precious of a gift our little house with the yellow door is.

What "grace upon grace" are you seeing God do in your life lately?

Under Grace, Rachel

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