Grace Upon Grace Vol. 15 / by Rachel Nordgren


Grace Upon Grace Vol. 15 Happy Monday, sweet friends!

How are you? Are you worn thin from last week and are you looking with weary eyes at the days ahead? Me too. Kansas is finally shaking off the last bits of winter (we hope...this state is notoriously fickle) and I even took a nap outside over the weekend (holla!) but my soul still feels in need of springtime. You too? You're in the right place.

My friend Jordyn of She Who Fears started a linkup that is simply a place to share evidences of God's grace. I want to tell you what the LORD has been doing in my life recently, to remind you that He is good and faithful.

Will you share what God has been doing in YOUR life lately in the comments? Let's encourage one another!

O N E | God has been so faithful in answering my prayers for community. A few months ago, several new couples joined the Young Marrieds Sunday morning small group that Hans and I are a part of. We're finding sweet community with them and have started spending time with several of the couples outside of Sunday mornings. The LORD is growing some deep roots, and I'm so thankful for it.

T W O | Speaking of roots, Hans has been hard at work building four big, beautiful raised garden beds for us. I am by no means a master gardener and actually have no idea how to take care of anything besides houseplants, but Hans knows how to garden like he knows how to breathe. God is using this process to slow me down and really press into my heart the knowledge that growth - blogging and Burpee seeds alike - happens little by little. And that's okay.

Kansas Gardening

T H R E E | Spring. It's just around the corner. God is constantly reminding me that He will always, always, always bring new life after the most dead and dark seasons. He does it in nature and He does it in our hearts. Hallelujah!

F O U R | Marriage has felt especially sweet in the past six or seven months. Hans and I had such a rough first year, y'all. The LORD has been faithful to give us grace and enable us to give each other grace, so marriage has been able to put down some strong, healthy roots lately (I seem to be on a spring/roots kick today...). It's nothing magical or spectacular, but it's solid and good. If you're reading this and you're in your first year of marriage - keep going. It gets better, I promise!

Rachel Nordgren | Image credit | Rose Wheat Photography

Ever thankful for this man and the gift he is to me. Image | Rose Wheat Photography.

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How has God's grace been evident in YOUR life lately?

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