Grace Upon Grace Vol. 13 / by Rachel Nordgren

GraceUponGrace Fall has fell, y'all.

Thank you Jesus. If I could pick a season to live in all the time, it would be autumn. Everything about autumn makes me giddy with joy...pumpkin flavored allthethings (I don't even care if Pumpkin Spice Lattes are bad for you, I'm having at least ONE this season goshdarnit) and burying oneself under glorious piles of blankets and cinnamon scented candles and the general sensation of coziness and the holidays just around the corner.


My friend Jordyn of She Who Fears is hosting her bi-weekly Grace Upon Grace link up. I love this link up with all my heart because it's all about sharing what Jesus is doing in our lives lately, and making much of His glorious grace. Won't you join us?

Can I share how God's been moving lately?

O N E | A Job! | YAY! I'm gainfully employed, y'all! As a receptionist at the Women's and Birthing Center. It was a total God thing...a friend's mom needed a receptionist on Tuesdays and Thursdays, which just so happens to be the days I don't have class. It's going to be a new experience for sure (it's a birthing center) but I am really looking forward to starting next week.

T W O | One Year | Hans and I celebrated our one year anniversary last weekend. It's such a significant milestone for us...there's this overwhelming sense of "Thank you Jesus. We MADE it." Marriage is an incredible blessing and a beautiful adventure, but it's also difficult at times. The process of two becoming one doesn't happen takes work and grace. And it's so worth it. We're taking a mini-getaway to KC this weekend and I'm ridiculously excited :D

T H R E E | Pumpkin Spice Lattes | Don't judge me. Coffee is one of my love languages and God speaks it fluently.

Pumpkin Spice Latte

F O U R | Community | I mentioned in my September Goals post that one thing I wanted to do this month was join a Bible study. A group of ladies from my church have one on Tuesdays, and they graciously let me join. They are splendid women who love Jesus, and I'm really looking forward to getting plugged back into Christian fellowship. Hooray!

What "grace upon grace" is God doing in your life lately?

Under Grace, Rachel

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