God's Will For Your Life / by Rachel Nordgren

Gods Will For Your Life

HELLO friends! I hope you're having a most merry Tuesday thus far. Whatever you're gearing up for this Autumn, I hope that you're walking into this next season with full assurance of God's incredible love for you and His good plan for your life. (Jeremiah 29:11-13)

There's been this realization rumbling around my heart for a while, though...sparked by this article that Madison sent it to me, and the She Reads Truth study this morning.

Life is not about us - it's about God.

Even our faith isn't about us! Yes, we make the decision to follow Christ, but it is His love that woos us, His grace that saves us, His power that works in us, His hands that hold us. We cannot escape His grip because it is not in our capacity to do so.

At at least probably a dozen points in our lives, we've all asked, "What is God's will for my life?" Which, if we break it down, is quite a self-centered question. We want the plan, the map, the specifics...instead of trusting that God will lead us. So many times I sought God's will for my life with more intensity than I was seeking God Himself. I wanted to know the plan so I could feel safe, instead of feeling safe simply because I am held fiercely in the grip of His grace.

In his article, Chandler Vannoy says, "Yes, God is sovereign over my life. Yes, He has specific plans for my future, but He does not expect me to find out the details of His plan before I get there...An Unknown Future Leads to Faith in a Known God."

Vannoy keeps going. "If we knew every step and detail of our lives, there would be no reason for us to have faith in God." If He just handed us the roadmap, there would be no need to rely on, trust in, wait on, talk with, or listen to Him. There would be no need to have a relationship with Jesus.

And that's definitely not God's will for our lives.

This is probably my favorite sentence from Vannoy's article...

Simply put, God’s will is your growth to be like Christ and glorify Him in all things.

That's it.

"We need to do away with the idea that He wants us to go to Him in order to find out our future. Instead, God wants us to go to Him to be transformed in our heart and mind. God’s past, present, and future plans for your life have one constant: His glory. And if God has transformed our hearts, our decisions will be made with His glory in mind....If God has given us a new heart that desires what He desires, our decisions are going to line up with His plan. We work through these decisions with the wisdom He gives us through the Spirit."

God has given us a way to Him through Christ's death and resurrection. We can be confident that He wants us to be in relationship with Him. God has given us brains, passions and talents.   We can be confident that He wants us to use them. God has given us His Word. We can be confident that His character is perfect and unchanging.

God is good. He is full of grace and love. He will lead us in right paths if we trust in Him.

What can you do TODAY to glorify God?

Under Grace, Rachel

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