Goals: Hello June / by Rachel Nordgren


Sharing goals on a Monday that also happens to be the first day of the month is just fantastic. Maybe it's the goal setting junkie in me, but the new week/new month/new goals combination feels lovely and fresh and ahhhh-mazing. It's like a mini January 1st.

While I definitely did better on my overall May goals than I have in the past few months, there were still a couple things I didn't get to. One of my overall goals for 2015 is to bust off some serious poundage, which isn't coming along as quickly as I'd like, so summer is my excuse to get outside more and have more green smoothies for breakfast. Because you know what makes an icy, dark winter morning even more depressing? Shivering under four sweatshirts as you're drinking a freezing cold kale smoothie.

Onto the goals, shall we?

Monthly May Goals

1. Just make progress on 1 PeterIt may have only been 2 verses, but it WAS progress2. Intentionally spend time with Hans' familyYes!3. Run 2 miles at Dornwood Park (local hiking trails) without dyingIt rained quite a bit this month, so I did this at a park with sidewalks as opposed to the muddy wilderness of Dornwood4. Read Total Money MakeoverWe're about 3/4 through the audio book5. Lead a simplicity webinar Didn't happen this month, but it IS happening June 15th! Click here to grab your spot!6. Lead a grace and Gospel filled Community GroupYes!7. Curate #allthethings on my blogNot even close...8. Send out my monthly email newsletterYes! Are you signed up?

Daily May Goals

1. Spend time with Jesus  2. Bless Hans 3. Tend to my health 4. Comment on 1 other blog 5. Record my wins

Overall, I did a great job at making my daily goals happen. Except for exercise :(


1. Memorize 1 Peter chapter 1Through God's power, not mine!2. Respond gracefully to whatever God has for me this month3. Go camping with Hans4. Finish Total Money Makeover + make a financial game plan with Hans5. Make progress with my goal of busting off those pounds!6. Lead a simplicity webinarGrab the details and your spot here!7. Lead a grace and Gospel filled Community Group8. Curate #allthethings on my blog9. Send out my monthly email newsletterGet a free worksheet when you sign up!

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1. Spend time with Jesus 2. Bless Hans 3. Tend to my health 4. Comment on one other blog 5. Comment in the Influence Network Forums

What goals do YOU have for this month, friend?