Goals: Hello July / by Rachel Nordgren


Well hello there, summer.

Summer means we're officially over the halfway mark of 2015 (!!?!) and there's still plenty of time to make progress on those 2015 goals. How are YOUR goals coming, friend? Do you feel like you're losing steam or just ramping up?

In other news, last month Hans and I adopted a kitten named Sybil, and she's boss at cuddling at being adorable. She's also currently asleep on my lap, making it extremely difficult to get up and reheat my coffee.

The sacrifices I make, y'all.

If you want to see more of Sybil, she's basically the star of all of my Snapchats. I'm still debating on whether or not I like Snapchat as a social media medium, but it's fun to play around with and I'd love to see you over there! My username is rachnordgren.

Now, let's talk about some goals, shall we?

June Goals

1. Memorize 1 Peter chapter 1Only 9 more verses to go!2. Respond gracefully to whatever God has for me this month Yes3. Go camping with Hans It rained WAY too much to make this happen :(4. Finish Total Money Makeover + make a financial game plan with Hans We read the book and have talked about a financial game plan, but we don't have anything written down yet5. Make progress with my goal of busting off those pounds!Yes! Hans and I started the Eat to Live 6-week detox (the precursor to our new plant based lifestyle) and I'm already down 7-8 pounds! 6. Lead a simplicity webinarYes! There were some technical difficulties though, so I'm going to give it another shot this month7. Lead a grace and Gospel filled Community Group June got away from me before this happened :( 8. Curate #allthethings on my blog Nope, nope, nope...9. Send out my monthly email newsletterYes!

July Goals

1. Finish memorizing 1 Peter 1 (come heck or high water) 2. Write out 1 Peter 2 on notecards 3. Make a written financial game plan with Hans 4. Complete the Eat to Live 6 week detox (blog post coming soon!) 5. Eat 1 pound of leafy greens per day (part of the ETL plan) 6. Lead an authentic, Gospel-centered Community Group7. Set up Rachel Nordgren Media LLC (!!!) 8. Curate all content9. Lead another Simplicity Class10. Send out my monthly email newsletter (it's all sorts of fun - sign up below!)

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I know these monthly goal posts are short, but it's a small way to check in and give myself accountability with my goals every month. Thank you for sharing the journey!

What goals do YOU have for this month, friend?