Goals: Hello April / by Rachel Nordgren


April 2015 Goal Setting with Rachel Nordgren Do you feel it? Some of the shiny newness wearing off of the "New Year"? Do you feel resolve on all those goals wearing off, too? Do you feel like your engine is puttering a little bit, maybe?

Me too.

I feel the weight of the day pressing in, the minutes slipping past and oh my it's almost 11 and I'm still in yoga pants. I feel the lurking presence of all that laundry and the pet hair banding together on the floorboards like so many little tumbleweeds. I feel that to-do list silently judging me.

Honestly? I failed at March.

I will choose to blame it on an overwhelmingly stressful situation at work that is draining my time and energy like a bandit. Excuses never got anyone anywhere, though. All I can do is walk forward in grace in April and get after the goals that God has placed on my heart.

Onto the April goals, shall we?

MONTHLY APRIL GOALS 1. Finish memorizing 1 Peter 1 2. Get in a healthy 9-5 sleep schedule 3. Celebrate Hans' birthday! 4. Read Eat to Live with Hans 5. Prepare well for my Influence Network Community Group + lead with grace 6. Invest in a new car (our 20 year old Acura bit the proverbial dust) 7. *Secret goal* sneak peek!

DAILY APRIL GOALS 1. Wake up at 5am 2. Memorize 1 verse 3. Stretch + sweat 4. Comment on 1 other blog 5. Go to bed at 9pm

Here's a review of how epically March failed...

MONTHLY MARCH GOALS 1. Memorize 1 Peter 1 Nope...I'm 5 verses in 2. Re-establish a 5am morning routine Nope 3. Post twice a week on OYD Nope 4. Read Eat to Live + Total Money Makeover with Hans Nope 5. Prepare well for my Influence Network Community Group + lead with grace YES! 6. *Secret goal* YES! (see here for a sneak peek) 7. *Secret goal* Nope 8. *Secret goal* Nope

Those last two secret goals are in progress, but aren't totally finished. I'll give you a hint, though...they are all linked to each other ;)

DAILY MARCH GOALS 1. Work on 1 Peter See #1 above 2. Pray over Hans out loud (even if it's awkward) YES (it was awkward sometimes) 3. Exercise 30% of the time? 4. Read I did...just not the books I set out to read 5. Schedule content/social media No - I need to do this on a weekly basis instead

Psst! Did you check out the little peek of what's coming?

What are YOUR goals for April?

Under Grace - Rachel





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