Free Printables Roundup 1 / by Rachel Nordgren


A roundup of four inspirational + free printables from Ann Voskamp, Emily Ley, Jess Connolly, and French Press Mornings. Here's some happy for your Thursday! Four Free Printables, gathered from the furthest corners of the internet, just for you!

I like sharing pretty things I found on the internet. Insert my face when I saw these ones:


Just click on the printable(s) you would like and download away, friend!

The post that goes along with this printable is life-changing. Seriously. I have this hanging in my office, and it's made my days more focused, more free, more SANE. Plus, if you've never read Ann Voskamp, that will change your life too.

This simple tool is extremely helpful for jotting down and keeping track of blog post ideas. Because honestly, are you going to remember that you wrote "Post about that awesome book I read last week" on a Walmart receipt that got stuffed into the bottom of your purse? (guilty) Trust me, this works way better.

French Press Mornings Cleaning Schedule Free Printable

This printable makes cleaning look beautiful! Seriously, how cute is it?! I love this because cleaning doesn't get overwhelming. Just a little bit every day, and our house stays basically clean.

If your walls need some beauty and inspiration, look no further. These prayerful lyrics are from the song "Oceans" by Hillsong United.

Enjoy! Thank you to all those wonderful women for creating pretty things and sharing them with the rest of the internet!

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