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Ephesians Study "A Bible that’s falling apart usually belongs to someone who isn’t.” - Charles H. Spurgeon

I love peeking at people's Bibles. Maybe it's a little nosy of me, but I think that Bibles tell an awful lot about a person and their relationship with God. I remember spotting Jess Connolly's Bible sticking out of her bag at Influence Conference, and y'all - that Bible has seen some days.

I bought this ESV Bible in August of 2012. It has notes crammed in the margins, a veritable rainbow of highlighter colors, coffee stains and tear stains in equal measure, scribbled Greek and Hebrew definitions, and an envelope taped in the back to hold random little slips of paper and a picture of my World Vision sponsored child. If my house was burning down, I would grab my husband, my dog, and that Bible.

Alright, fine.

I might think about grabbing the cat, too.

(I resent the fact that Carson won't cuddle with me and that she insists on laying on our white IKEA chairs despite the fact that she has her own cat bed like three steps away)


My friend Bailey of Brave Love had the idea to put together a Bible study for bloggers and believers alike, and she invited me to be a part of leading it. Which is first of all, really nice of her, and second of all, is something I love writing about. Bailey and I, along with Rachel of Rachel RewrittenKatie of A Place to Dwell, and Sarah of Joyfully Organized are co-hosting the Heart of the Word study together, and we're starting with the book of Ephesians.

Will you join us?

If you're new to studying Scripture, oh my golly day are you in the RIGHT place. Ephesians is thick as a brick with the Gospel and God's wisdom. The great sixteenth-century German Protestant Reformer, Martin Luther, called it "the Queen of the Epistles". Some say that he referred to Ephesians as his "Katharina von Bora". He was insinuating that Ephesians was as dear and precious to him as his own wife.

Which is maybe a little weird, but whatever.

Read on for more of what Bailey has to say about this study!

"Our heart behind this study, and any that will follow, is to simply dive into scripture together. We will follow along and encourage one another by using the hashtags #heartoftheWord and #heartofEphesians, and we will offer weekly opportunities to link up with participants, sharing what the Lord is teaching you during this journey. None of this is required, though we believe that engaging with the Word with other women can only encourage us further."

If you're interested in a weekly e-mail with updates, sources, reading suggestions, etc. sign up HERE.

"We have come up with a calendar for anyone who may want structure, but feel free to study it with your own system. I will be following the breakdown provided below in an effort to spend more time on smaller sections of scripture. Below is also a list of which blog to link to on our weekly link-ups which will take place each Thursday."

Week 1 | February 2 - 7 | Ephesians 1 - 2:13 | Link-Up @ Our Yellow Door Week 2 |February 8 - 14 | Ephesians 2:14 - 3 | Link-Up @ Rachel Rewritten Week 3 | February 15 - 21 | Ephesians 4 + Psalm 63 | Link-Up @ Joyfully Organized Week 4 | February 22 - 28 | Ephesians 5 + 6 | Link-Up @ A Place to Dwell

Grab the button for the Heart of the Word study below, and I'll see you here TOMORROW for Ephesians 1 - 2:13! It's gonna be great...to God be the glory!

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Under Grace - Rachel