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Ephesians Study Last week, my friends Bailey, Rachel, Katie, and Sarah and I started a Bloggers Bible Study over Ephesians. Because goodness sakes alive, the internet can just be plum crazy somedays. I want my blog to continually be a place of refreshment and inspiration for you, and sharing Scripture is one of the best ways I know how to do that.

You can read my post about Ephesians 1-2:13 (and find some pretty lock screens!) here and read more about the Bible Study here.

Like last week, I'm simply going to share my thoughts as I read through. Please share YOUR thoughts in the comments below, or by linking up at Rachel's blog with your own Ephesians post!

Shall we?

2:14-16 - We have peace with the Holy and Perfect King of Kings and LORD of Lords because of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the Cross. This is amazing grace.

2:17-18 - All of us are equal at the foot of the Cross. All sin - no matter how big or small - separates us from God. We are all in need of reconciliation.

2:19 - US! We, who are so incredibly ill-deserving of grace...we who Paul just called "children of wrath" in verse 3...we are made fellow citizens and members of God's household.

2:20 - Yes...our faith is built upon the shoulders of those who came before us, and we all have Jesus as our cornerstone.

2:21-22 - I'll be blogging about this later on, but my word for the year is "Oikodomé", which is the Greek word for "built" or "building". It's a feminine noun that roughly translates like this: the act of building, a building, spiritual advancement, edification, a place where the LORD is "at home". Oikodomé is the word used in Ephesians 2:21 :)

3:1-10 - What a profound mystery, indeed! That we - gentiles - get to partake in the mystery of God's divine grace and favor...His divine riches and mercy. You can almost feel Paul bursting at the seams just writing about it! He is now a preacher to the very group of people he used to hunt down and kill.

3:11-13 - The eternal purpose of God is to bring ALL people to Himself. Not just that, but we can have confidence and boldness to approach Him and have a relationship with Him.

3:14-15 - I love that Paul starts his prayer for his people with this acknowledgement of God's overarching sovereignty.

3:16 - We gain our strength from Christ, not ourselves.

3:17 - May Christ dwell permanently in our hearts...at the very center of our will and being. I love the imagery of being "rooted" and "grounded" in Christ's love; having our very foundations sunk into Him.

3:18-19 - The crescendo of Paul's prayer is this...have strength to comprehend and know the complete measure of Christ's love for us, that we may be full of God, not ourselves. That there would be so much of Him and so little of us.

3:20-21 - It is all for Him...to Him who is abundantly able.

Lord, we love you. We are so thankful for your eternal love for us and your eternal purposes for us. Lord Jesus, let our hearts be so fully rooted and grounded in your love, that it would become the undeniable overflow of our hearts. May we live out of that love instead of our own lack. Thank you that we can have confident access to you through faith, even though we were once faraway children of wrath. Lord, you are able to turn anything around, and we praise you for that! Amen!

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Ephesians 3:17 Lockscreen

What did YOU glean out of these verses in Ephesians, friend?

Under Grace - Rachel