DIY Moleskine Planner Hack / by Rachel Nordgren


DIY Moleskine Planner Hack Ideas Planners are my love language.

Along with his cleft chin and eye crinkles, my father passed his OCD tendencies along to me. We both go weak at the knees in office supply stores and one of his proudest moments was when I showed him my color-coded filing cabinet system. So it's no surprise that one of the things I most look forward to every year is buying a new planner.

In 2014, I used the Moleskine Weekly Notebook and "hacked" it to fit my needs. It popped up a few of my Instagram posts (like this one) and I got several questions about it, so I thought it'd be a good idea to put together a detailed post about how I set up this DIY Moleskine planner hack!

Several hours with Netflix and a ruler was all I needed to get my Moleskine set up for the year. I split the left and right hand sides of each weekly spread down the middle, and then added three more lines to create five sections on the right side.

DIY Moleskine Planner Hack Ideas

Here's an explanation of the sections I created for my Moleskine planner hack.

TO DO'S - Tasks that need to get done during the week.

SCHEDULE - Where I plan out the week's agenda and appointments.

DOMESTICS - Things that need to get done around the house.

POSTS - Posts that need to be written for the blog. I have a color coded category system (the little dots next to each title) to make sure that I keep my content varied.

DINNER - A list of meals I'm making for dinner.

GOALS - This is where I keep track of daily goals (like quiet time and exercise) that I want to accomplish, as well as my overall goals for the month.

BLOG - Tasks that need to get done for the blog.

This Moleskine planner hack kept my life organized in 2014. I needed to be able to compartmentalize the various aspects of my week and see it all in one place. I also added Bible verses or quotes to the top of each week for a little extra does of inspiration!

In 2015, I'm using the Simplified Planner from Emily Ley and have really enjoyed it thus far. My personality bends a little bit towards procrastination, so having a daily list of to-do's really kicks my butt into gear. My only complaint is that it's sort of bulky, although Emily announced that the 2016 editions will be smaller and lighter. HOORAY!

How do YOU keep your planner organized?

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