DIY Dusting Spray / by Rachel Nordgren

Annnnnd the DIY cleaning supplies journey continues!

Since April, as we've been running out of our store-bought house cleaners, I've been replacing them with DIY ones. So far, I've made Laundry Soap and Dishwasher Tabs, and I'm experimenting with a Swiffer Wet Jet Solution, too. With hairy pets, I spend much quality time with my Swiffer Wet Jet.

I used to be terrible about dusting, to the point where you could draw little smiley faces in the gray funk covering the surface of our dresser. Ick! But, since putting this piece of preciousness up on the fridge, my home cleaning schedule has stayed on track without becoming overwhelming. And Tuesdays? Tuesdays are dusting days.

So, I tried this recipe from One Good Thing by Jillee. I had to modify it slightly because I only have one bottle of essential oil in the house (sidebar: does anyone here use essential oils? The steep price kind of freaks me out, but I want to try more of them), and it works fabulously.

Ingredients: 1 Cup Water 1/4 Cup Vinegar 2 tsp. Olive Oil 10-15 Drops of Essential Oil (I used some sort of "calming blend" I had on hand, Jillee suggests lemon or some other citrus scent) >>>> You'll also need a spray bottle.

Instructions: 1. Mix all ingredients together in a spray bottle. 2. Shake well. 3. When you're dusting, you'll want to give the bottle a wee shake before each spritz to keep the oil from separating.

It's as simple as that. This works great, keeps our surfaces shiny and clean, and smells lovely. No worries - essential oils are very concentrated, so you don't really smell the vinegar (which cuts through grease and grime) at all.

Do you hate dusting?

Under Grace, Rachel

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