How To Get Rid of 25 Things in 5 Minutes / by Rachel Nordgren


Decluttering is something that I fully believe has to happen in our hearts before it can happen in our homes. To have less, we need to want less. No amount of money spent at Target or West Elm or IKEA will pay the balance on a discontent heart.

That being said, I also know that sometimes you just want to bust the clutter.

So, my friend, here's a decluttering trick to help you get rid of 25 things in 5 minutes.


Armed with a trash bag or a box, pick 5 different areas of your home (closet, work space, kitchen, bathroom, TV area, etc.) and set a timer for 5 minutes.

You have 1 minute to go through each area and grab the first 5 things you see that don't immediately make you thankful for the joy they bring or the usefulness they provide.

Don't discriminate about what needs to be donated or thrown away or given back to the person you borrowed it from, just toss it in your box or bag.

Grab the first 5 shirts you see that you haven't worn in years. You can just take those 5 old magazines or catalogs and put them straight in the recycling bin. Grab the 5 extra pie pans you got as duplicate wedding presents and never returned. Toss 5 tubes of half-used lipstick that dried out somewhere around May 2011. Clean out 5 of your kids' toys that you haven't seen them play with in months.

The goal is to go fast and trust your gut. If you overthink everything, decluttering could take hours. It's only 5 things per area. When your 5 minutes are up, give your newly homeless items a quick sort: donate, trash, sell, return. Then, at the earliest possibility, get those things out of your freshly decluttered home!

Maybe we should call this the #FiveMinuteRefresh. Maybe that hashtag is already taken. Maybe we'll do it anyways.

What are some of the 25 things YOU got rid of in 5 minutes?