December Update / by Rachel Nordgren


Hello there, friend.

I won't waste any time with excuses or formalities...let's just say that I've missed you and I've missed writing and the fact that the holidays are a crazy time of year isn't news to anyone. So, consider this December update post a quick catch-up on life, blogging, and plans for 2016.


Life | Here's what the past couple of weeks have looked like. Went to Phoenix for a childhood friends' wedding. Visited the home I grew up in. Got to have brunch with Madison Wetherill. Shouted "Well done, Sir!" to God when I saw this sunrise. Taught a class with the Influence Network. Learned how to cut my husband's hair. Hosted an epic Friendsgiving. Also hosted a Downton Abbey baby shower for my dear friend Kendra. Spent Thanksgiving with my parents down in Derby. Binge-watched four episodes of The Americans with Hans (unsure of how I feel about this one).


| After

Write 31 Days

came to a screeching halt, I did what any self-respecting blogger would do and hid from my blog for six weeks.

Because, you know, that makes sense.

Mostly, I've been getting super introspective about what I want my blog to be about. What do I want to spend my time writing? What do I have to say that I think will be of value to you, the reader?

This is the conclusion I've come to: ultimately, I want to write things that give life.

This means I won't be cranking out posts as often, and that there won't be as many 7 Quick + Dirty Decluttering Tips or How to Get Rid of 25 Things in 5 Minutes type posts. But it does mean that you'll be getting more of my heart and less of my hustle.

Tiny House | Hans and I picked up our tiny house trailer a few weeks ago, and haven't done much since. We (and by "we" I mean mostly Hans) were working on remodeling/finishing our basement, and Hans only wanted to be working on one big project at a time.

Now the basement is finished (#praisehands) and we can bust out our tiny house! We've ordered framing plans from

SimBLISSity Tiny Homes

, so the goal is to get the house framed and sealed before Kansas gets too unbearably cold, and then finish the interior over the winter.

Things I'm loving lately... + Make Room for Advent + Around The Table Podcast + QALO Rings + Lara Casey's PowerSheets Workbook + What Advent + Adele Have In Common + Cranberry Sangria Recipe

What's YOUR December Update, friend? How are you??