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How much dithering can one person do? Apparently quite a bit, since it's been three months since I've posted anything and five months since I've posted anything worth reading. I feel like this winter kicked me in the shins, pelted me with snowballs, and then threw a handful of tacks over it's shoulder as it gleefully dashed away. A lot happened. Difficult, heavy, stinging and salty things.

And yet. Good, grand, glorious things happened, too.

In late December I had one of those watershed days. A paper thin 24 hours. By nightfall my emotions were white-knuckled from holding it together under the weight of all the things that had fallen into place.

God's goodness was so apparent in that moment. Not because things worked out perfectly (they didn't) or because everything was pretty (it wasn't) or because I felt lovely (I didn't). I knew God's goodness because I got smacked in the face with it. Hard.

God's goodness stings sometimes. Hebrews 13 talks about being equipped with everything good that we may do His will. Fun fact: the word "equip" translates to mend, repair, fit or frame...and also to re-mend. As in, re-breaking a bone that didn't heal properly and re-setting it so that it will mend correctly.

Y'all, this winter equipped me.

Now that spring is pressing against the edges, now that the broken bones have healed up a bit, it's time to stretch and put some weight on these joints that have spent the past several months curled up and quiet.

Also? Here's a glimpse into what I'm into currently.

READING : "All The Light We Cannot See" by Anthony Doerr (the fuss is well-earned)
LISTENING, PART ONE : "In The River" from Jesus Culture
LISTENING, PART TWO : The perfectly fluffy + funny podcast, The Popcast  
WATCHING : The final episode of Downton Abbey whilst sobbing my face off
SAYING : "In Jesus' Name" (because it keeps my wandering heart tethered to truth)
THANKING : Erin Nausin at Primavera Studio for her help with getting my new site running
STARTING : A job with Day Designer on their Marketing Team!
FINISHING : This blog post, because homegirl has a lot to get to today