Cast Vision for Your Marriage / by Rachel Nordgren

You know what's really a blessing? When someone else likes you enough that they invite you to share your thoughts on their blog. It's quite humbling and definitely an honor. It's even more of a blessing when that person is flexible with your finals, too!

Lauren from Abiding Marriage asked me to contribute to their Intimacy in Marriage series recently, on the subject of having an end goal in mind for your marriage. It's a big subject to write about...especially as a newlywed. But I do think it's incredibly important to have a vision in mind for your relationship with your spouse, to know where you're headed and why and how.

Cast Vision for Your Marriage is about knowing where you want to be after 50 years of marriage, and some ways to get there. Click through to read more! Here are other articles in the Intimacy in Marriage Series:

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Thank you, Lauren, for asking me to write for Abiding Marriage!

Under Grace, Rachel

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