Bust the Monday Funk / by Rachel Nordgren

Mondays. Ugh.

second weekend

So, I don't know how you're doing today, but I'm having a case of the NOPES. It was a long weekend out of town with far too many people (all of whom I love dearly, but this lady needs her alone time), I've had crap-tastic sleep lately (night sweats are *oh so* sexy), it's finals week (buh), and random dizzy spells are just my favorite (I sound like a Jane Austen character).

Let me say this. I know that the Lord is good. I know that He has plans. I know that I am having a serious #FirstWorldProblems kind of day. I know that I am in good health, I have a good marriage, a safe home, food in our kitchen, clean water, and I am blessed to have the opportunity to earn a college degree.

But sometimes it's just a Monday.

Someone once said that life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it. I think there's definitely truth in that...that even if your day is headed south on the struggle bus, you can make decisions to turn it around.

So. Here are 10 ways I'm busting my Monday funk. If you're having a funk sort of day as well, I hope these ideas encourage you!

1. Read the Bible. Because you need God's promises, even when you don't feel like they're true.

2. Listen to this. Because we all need a pep talk.


3. Burn a good candle. Because flames remind us to keep shining.

4. Pump up some jams. Because an impromptu dance party never hurt anyone.

5. Drink a biiiiig glass of water. Because it's so good for you.

6. Write an encouraging note to a friend. Because it's hard to feel sorry for yourself when you're encouraging others.

7. Cross something off your to-do list. Because accomplishment feels better than apathy.

8. What do you need? Give it to yourself. Because sometimes a nap, a healthy meal, a good cup of tea, or a belly laugh is the best way to take care of yourself.

9. Exercise. Because endorphins are nature's happy pills.

10. Write down 10 things you are thankful for. Because gratitude can radically shift your entire perspective.

How's your Monday going, friend? What are ways that you beat the funk?

Under Grace, Rachel

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