#Blogtember Day 2: My Ideal Day / by Rachel Nordgren


Hey there! Welcome back to the Blogtember Challenge. If you're new, I'd love to introduce myself and say hello!

Today's Prompt: What does your ideal day look like?

- Sleeping in and snuggling with Hans - ...and Banjo ;) - Spending a long, quiet half an hour or so in God's Word with a hot mug of excellent coffee - Taking Banjo for a walk - Eating pancakes for breakfast - More coffee - Reading, reading, and some more reading - My ideal day would be wildly productive, so I'd want to get lots of writing, emailing, and blog projects to get accomplished - Eating lunch with Hans - A donut (or three) - Creating something new - Having dinner around the table with friends, preferably with loud laughter and jokes of a semi-objectionable quality

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What does YOUR ideal day look like?