#Blogtember Day 5: iTunes Shuffle / by Rachel Nordgren


In the spirit of full disclosure, let me tell you that I haven't used iTunes in years. YEARS. I'm more of a Spotify lady these days. So when the Blogtember Challenge for today was to list the first 10 songs that played when you put your whole music library on shuffle in iTunes, I got a bit nervous.

  1. "Kids of the Future" - Jonas Brothers (well, that took no time at all)
  2. "Wild at Heart" - Gloriana (say what you want, it's a good stomp-and-holler)
  3. "Tip of My Tongue" - Civil Wars (anyone else still not over their breakup?)
  4. "Suite for Solo Cello No. 6 in D Major" - Yo-Yo Ma (#classy)
  5. "Don't You Remember" - Adele (I forgot the set of lungs that lady has)
  6. "I Mostly Copy Other People" - The Almost (a nice throwback to my angsty middle school days)
  7. "Jesus, Lead Me to Your Healing Waters"- David Crowder (Crowder is still one of my favorites)
  8. "Jesus, Son of God" - Passion Worship ft. Chris Tomlin and Christy Nockels (I do love me some Passion worship music)
  9. "Timshel" - Mumford and Sons (#hipster)
  10. "Forever & Always" - Taylor Swift (she's changed almost as much as I have)

If it wasn't for Blogtember, y'all wouldn't know about my secret obsession with the Jonas Brothers back in the day. Oh my...

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What embarrassing songs come up in YOUR iTunes shuffle?