#Blogtember Day 4: Passions / by Rachel Nordgren


Thanks to the Blogtember Challenge from my friend Bailey, I'm getting back into a rhythm of posting on a regular basis. I can have great intentions but pitiful follow-through when it comes to blogging sometimes, so the Blogtember Challenge was just the kick in the pants I needed! Hooray!

Today's topic is all about sharing you passions.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ: This. This I am passionate about beyond measure. Every fiber of my being needs the Gospel like I need air and water. Jesus saved me and redeems me every single day, and without Him I would be a person to be most pitied as Paul says.

Simplicity: Oh, I am so passionate about simplicity! The Gospel gives me the ability to live simply, because the Gospel gives me everything I need. Love? The Gospel gives it. Approval? The Gospel gives it. Purpose? The Gospel gives it. Joy? The Gospel gives it. I do not need heaps of things, scheduling commitments, or relationships to have a fulfilled life...I only need Jesus.

On a more surface level, Hans and I have whittled our possessions down to a third of what we used to own in preparation to move into a tiny home in the coming year. I'm mildly addicted to the feeling of getting rid of things that don't add joy and value to my life!

My dog: Mock all you want, but I love my dog to bits. We don't have human children at the moment, so Banjo is the closest thing. He's 56 furry pounds of Australian Shepherd/Border Collie love and devotion, and the sweetest, most curious, most well-mannered dog you've ever met.

Blogtember Challenge Day 4: Passions
Blogtember Challenge Day 4: Passions

Community: Y'all, I'm becoming so passionate about community. Good, genuine, edifying, sanctifying community. There's this thing that happens when you're honest about your junk with your people...an admittance that you don't, in fact, have all your ish together and you need The Gospel like crazy. There's a freedom that you give other people to need the Gospel, too.

Ethical Products: Here's the thing...I've known enough about sweatshops and human trafficking long enough that I physically cannot buy clothes from Target. I just can't. I'm not holier-than-thou or anything, I just have known too much for too long. So whether it be Tieks, Everlane, Noonday Collection or Better Life Bags, I always want to make sure my clothing/accessory purchases are going to help make the world a better place.

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What are YOU passionate about? Share in the comments!