#Blogtember Day 3: Blog Moodboard / by Rachel Nordgren

Blogtember Challenge Day 3: Blogging Moodboard
Blogtember Challenge Day 3: Blogging Moodboard

Confession: moodboards are not my forte.

I'm not an overly visual person, and my perfectionist tendencies can be crippling to my creativity on occasion.

The first two or three times I went through my PowerSheets from Lara Casey, I skipped the visual inspiration page all together because ain't nobody got time for that, or so I thought. At the beginning of 2015, I forced myself to sit down and go old school scrapbook style for my 2015 visual inspiration page, cutting pictures out of magazines and using bits of washi tape.

It made me feel like a glorious second grader again.

For the Blogtember Challenge, I decided to do the same thing. Inspired by images of coziness and creativity, I put together the above moodboard to capture my vision for rachelnordgren.com! I want my site to be a place that is welcoming and cozy, clean and bright, and full of good words and creativity. If you look close, there's a tiny house in there, too ;)

I also included a Freshly Picked baby moccasin to remind me of Susan Petersen, an stellar boss lady who inspires me to work harder at online business.

There's also a verse from 1 Peter that's a nod to my goal of memorizing the entire book of 1 Peter this year. So far I only have chapter 1 memorized, so I have a long way to go! Progress, not perfection!

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What things visually inspire YOU?