#Blogtember Day 1: Meet Rachel / by Rachel Nordgren


Two blog posts in one day?! What is this sweet world coming to?!

(my other post from today is a lot heavier than this one, but I'd still love for you to check out my thoughts about how you can stop ISIS)

My sweet friend Bailey Jean at Brave Love Blog is launching her Blog-tember Challenge today! Considering I've been a wretched blogger these past few weeks, I figured a good challenge was the kick in the pants I needed, especially since I plan on doing Write 31 Days next month!


I had the chance to meet the effervescent Bailey Jean earlier this year, and I'll be seeing her again at the Influence Conference in JUST a few weeks! I cannot wait. Literally. Cannot. Wait.

If this is your first time here, HELLO! When I say that I am genuinely excited that you're here, I mean it. Every single set of eyes on this blog is a blessing to me, and I hope that my words can bless you in return.

Allow myself to introduce myself...

- I'm Rachel Nordgren. 23 years old. Arizona born, Kansas raised. Married to Hans. Dog mom to Banjo. Utterly dependent on the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

- Yes, my husband's name is Hans. Like from Frozen. His family is very proud of their Swedish heritage.

- Coffee, coupon codes, and community are my love languages.

Around the Table is my favorite podcast.

- I recently bought Birkenstocks and haters gonna hate, but those things are DANG comfy.

- My day job is being a receptionist at a natural Birth Center.

- Skills include: driving a manual transmission, finishing tubes of chapstick without losing them, and making a killer batch of guac.

- Hans and I are building a tiny home this year.

- When I get to laughing too hard, I sound like a guinea pig.

- I once had to go to the ER to get stitches for a cut I accidentally gave myself. With a butter knife.

- Simplicity is literally one of my favorite things to read, write, and talk about.

- Lemons are my favorite.

- I could spend a sinful amount of money in IKEA.

- Given the chance and released from any caloric implications, I would eat Mexican food every. single. night.

I'd love to connect more! You can find me on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, and Periscope. I'm @rachnordgren on all the things :) See you around the internet, friend!

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