3 Ways To Simplify Pinterest / by Rachel Nordgren


Do you remember when you fell in love with Pinterest? For me, it was somewhere around my sophomore year of college, back when you still had to have an invitation to get on Pinterest. (Crazy, right?!) I put off joining until Christmas Break, because my all-or-nothing personality would have been like "Pin ALL the things!" instead of "Study for ALL the finals!" and that's just a recipe for disaster.

On my first day of Christmas break that year, I lazily slept in at my parents' house, woke up, made myself a mug of hot chocolate, and promptly curled up in front of Pinterest for the whole. darn. day.

It was glorious, ya'll.

That was nearly four years ago. Not surprisingly, I've changed a lot since then! My Pinterest, though, hadn't really changed. Sure, I kept pinning things willy-nilly, but there was still four years of things built up in there. I had close to 3,000 Pins and 19 super unorganized boards. My Pinterest didn't represent who I am today, it was incredibly hard to find things, and I was always seeing things in my feed that didn't apply to me.

BEFORE (Click to enlarge)

My "Something Crafty" board had over 200 Pins. Like heck I have time to make over 200 crafting projects...!

AFTER (Click to enlarge)

Ahh...hello, you simplified Pin-tastic beauty!

I went from nearly 3,000 Pins on 19 boards to under 1,000 Pins on 33 boards.

I'll presume that you might be thinking, "Well Rachel, that's great for your clearly OCD self, but why would I want to simplify Pinterest?" Because your Pinterest is an detailed online representation of your style, interests, and tastes. If you're a blogger or a small business owner, your Pinterest also represents your "brand" to your readers and customers. Having an outdated and cluttered profile can communicate to someone that you're outdated and cluttered.


So, taking the time to simplify Pinterest is definitely a worthwhile thing!

Fair warning: it's a time consuming process, but the final result will make you so glad you did it.


As you go through your boards one by one, evaluate your content. Do the things on your boards represent who you are today...or are they things you liked five years ago? Are your boards applicable to your daily life...or are you spending hours pinning for a "fantasy self"? Ask yourself the following questions as you go through your boards...

Do I actually like this? Does this inspire me? Does this represent me today...my style and passions? Would I ever actually wear this? Would I ever actually make this? Do I have a better pin of this someplace else? Duplicates? Does this link even lead to what I think it does?


As I purged, I created new boards to further organize my Pinterest. Instead of having one board for "Food", I created four boards - Food, Snacks, Drinks, and Dessert. Instead of having one board for girly things, I created three - Clothes, Accessories, and Beauty. This helps me quickly find what I'm looking for!

I also numbered my boards and labeled them as "Trays"...because I'm occasionally pretentious and I thought "Tray" sounded sophisticated. Go ahead, feel free to judge ;) Numbering the boards allowed me to put them in whatever order I wanted, so I wasn't limited to Pinterests' default alphabetization. That way, they're organized on the little drop down list when I want to pin something new.

*Note - if you number your boards, use "01, 02, etc." instead of "1, 2, etc." If you don't, Pinterest will put 1 next to 11. Don't ask me why.


The more people you follow on Pinterest, the more Pins your homepage will be flooded with. Chances are, not everyone you follow inspires you, right? There are probably people who have radically different fashion/home styles than you. There's probably a person who annoys you with all their workout related Pins when you're just trying to find a recipe for dessert.

Unfollow those people! The internet can be discouraging enough...give yourself some control over it. Make room in your feed for content that inspires, encourages, and relates to you.

Peek at my Pinterest profile.

Would you ever simplify Pinterest?

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