100 Things We Got Rid Of / by Rachel Nordgren


100 Things We Got Rid Of On our journey towards simplicity, Hans and I have gotten rid of...well, a lot of stuff. Just when we think we've purged all we can purge, we find another item or two to get rid of. We're constantly evaluating our possessions, wether we find the items in our home truly beautiful to be around and useful to us. Simplicity, for us, has been a continual process...constantly peeling back the layers of what is most important to us.

Here are 100 things we decided to do without.

  1. A loveseat
  2. An extra pie plate
  3. Heels
  4. Dog toys Banjo doesn't play with
  5. Lotion I don't like
  6. An extra Christmas tree stand
  7. A portable DVD player
  8. Banged up decorative wreaths
  9. Extra vases
  10. Rolling pizza cutter (a knife works just as well)
  11. Rubber stamps
  12. A silk scarf
  13. Extra Christmas decorations
  14. Facebook
  15. Cable (well, we never had it in the first place)
  16. A skirt Hans thought was ugly
  17. Five coffee mugs
  18. A recliner
  19. Movies we never watched
  20. An ottoman
  21. A hand mixer we never used
  22. Our ice cream scoop
  23. Clumpy lipgloss
  24. My apron (never used it)
  25. A satchel I'd had since high school
  26. Ugly throw pillows
  27. Extra serving spoons
  28. Paper towel holder (we keep the paper towels under the sink now)
  29. My wedding dress
  30. Hair clips
  31. An itsy-bitsy cake stand
  32. Our mandolin slicer
  33. An extra bookshelf
  34. A chips and dip tray
  35. Rain boots
  36. Commercial dishwasher tabs
  37. Extra tupperware
  38. A horrendous orange peacoat
  39. Toaster
  40. Decorative plates
  41. Old necklaces
  42. Jeans that made me feel fat
  43. An old purse
  44. Rarely-worn bracelets
  45. Old lights leftover from our remodel
  46. A digital camera
  47. An electric knife we never used
  48. My old color guard flag and rifle
  49. Tennis rackets
  50. A steamer mop (we have a simple Swiffer wet jet)
  51. Plastic rice bowls
  52. A feather quill pen I never figured out how to write with
  53. Unused Bibles
  54. A giant stuffed bear
  55. Horse grooming supplies (I haven't ridden in years)
  56. Old horsey decorations
  57. Decorative lights
  58. Extra cake pans
  59. A laughably small crock pot
  60. Books
  61. Books
  62. More Books
  63. Plastic measuring cups (we have nicer metal ones)
  64. A crappy curling iron
  65. Unused journals
  66. Sandals that were falling apart
  67. A pitcher we never asked for
  68. Commercial laundry detergent
  69. Unused throw blankets
  70. An ice cream maker
  71. Coffee grinder
  72. A silver serving bowl we never used
  73. Extra spatulas
  74. Nail polish that was so NOT my color
  75. An armchair
  76. Plastic mixing bowls (we have glass ones)
  77. An unused kitchen cart
  78. My car
  79. A cardigan that fit weird
  80. Extra towels
  81. An outdated rug
  82. Ugly picture frames
  83. A backpack
  84. Games we never played
  85. An easel
  86. An extra filing cabinet
  87. Extra springform pans
  88. Tons of shirts/tops
  89. An extra coffee maker
  90. Old keychains
  91. A complete set of State quarters
  92. Banjo's old crate
  93. An extra microwave
  94. Wedding presents we didn't ask for
  95. An extra doormat
  96. Crappy patio furniture
  97. Vintage suitcases
  98. A plaid shirt that never fit right
  99. An extra teapot
  100. Vinyl kitchen chairs

The funny thing is, it was quite difficult to come up with this list. Even though I know we had a huge garage sale over the summer and we're constantly dropping stuff off at Goodwill, it's hard to remember the things we've gotten rid of, which just affirms that we never really needed them in the first place. Furthermore, we haven't really missed anything that we've gotten rid of.

I hope our list encourages you towards simplicity!

Which item do YOU find the most surprising? What could YOU not live without?

Under Grace - Rachel